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Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark arrived yesterday, with lots of wonderful goodies! I have pictures! Four of the kiddos were crowded around, so I had us all gather around the bed where there was more room. Here DD#4 models the box.


So. Much. Stuff

A bracelet.
A change purse–DD#1 got one of these a couple months ago, and I have been so envious. Now I have one too, with flip flops on it. I wear flip flops all the time, a habit from when my allergies were diagnosed, and I had to avoid touching my carpet for 6 months.
A yummy candle.
A box for holding stuffs.
Post-it bookmarks–wonderful for marking patterns.
A doodle pad and envelopes.
Wee emery boards.
And the yarn, oh man! This is perfect yarn, but it will not be socks. The colors are too right for me to be putting on my feet! These colors will be next to my face, and I am seeing a yoked sweater. I really enjoy my fingering weight sweater that I finished this summer. The weight is perfect for this entering-middle-age knitter, so I have been planning another. This is perfect for that. I think I am going to do a cowl collar on it to better use all this lusciousness.

Thank you, Becca. It was pure delight!

More on George

This is a follow up on yesterday’s post. It seems that Mr. Lindemann is a supporter of higher education. Brown University reports the George Lindemann Professor Recognition with this tidbit:

Osvaldo Sala has been appointed the Sloan Lindemann and George Lindemann Jr. Distinguished Professor in Environmental Studies. Sala joined the faculty this year as professor of biology to lead the Environmental Change Initiative and to serve as director of the Center for Environmental Studies.

It’s interesting that the man who heads a natural gas company would endow a professorship in Environmental Studies.Guess we can file this one under “what makes them tick?”.

Must Finish Today

2 inches and then the toes. Yes, I am talking about DS#1s socks. And today is the 30th, so I want them done. I have 2 dvds of Quantum leap, and a steely determination.

Oh! big news here: Lewis and Clark arrived yesterday. Yes, I took pictures. Yes I will share. But I have only had half a cup of coffee, and must have more before I attempt photo editing. Can’t quite see yet.

I slept late this morning. It was delicious. In fact, I slept so late that the rest of my family is now eating lunch without me, because I am still pumping. It was wonderful anyway. But now, it’s time for food!

PPP Contest, Piece 49

PayPerPost is up to something, and they are teasing us about it. They’ve dropped a couple of hints, and now they have these puzzle pieces for us to blog about. This is piece 49.

The first person to solve the puzzle gets 1K. My, that would make a nice chunk of change for the vehicle fund, now wouldn’t it? I know I’ll be spending some time today looking for info about the payperpostbignews. I love a puzzle. And I love to get paid to blog.

Someone needs this

Click the photo to get to the pattern. Thanks, Gretchen for adding to my must knit list!

Every Three Days

Every Three Days, I get a call. From Las Vegas. And like a fool, every three days, I answer it. And some yahoo on the other end tries to sell me Dish TV. Actually, his stupid computer tries to sell me. I hate it. I don’t want your daggone dish. Quit calling already. Go away! If at one time I was even considering getting such a thing on my roof, I changed my mind the minute I realized you had a computer call me. If I am not worth your real voice, you are not worth my time and money. That goes for the rest of you, too. Stop.

I guess you think you’ve found a way around me asking you to put me on that do not call list you are required by law to keep, but listen. One day, I will find a way to hack your computerized calling system, and I will do it. Stop. Calling. Me.

I feel better now. For two more days.

Fontanka River, St. Petersburg

I put a couple new links up last night to some new blogs, and here is a good example of why.  English Russia has put up a series of photos , and here are his words describing them:

Some say St. Petersburg is not so dark as it was depicted in Zombietown post. Yes it isn’t. Here is another example of St. Petersburg.The photos were taken in the same place in different seasons.The place is Fontanka river of St. Petersburg.

Go look at the pics, there are 11 of them, and together they are stunning.

Skin Care Again

Ya’ll recall I mentioned I mentioned the skin care book, “Six Weeks to Sensational Skin: Dr. Loretta’s Beauty Camp for your Freshest Face”, for my daughter? Well, here’s a tip that I did not know: Make sure your pillow case is at least 400 thread count, and clean it with an detergent that gets rid of dust mites and other bacteria on your pillow. Dr. Loretta mentioned it in an article, which also includes a video, and more tips.Click here for the article from

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