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I spent a bit of time tonight poking around on a new site. Samfind is designed to be your new homepage, and shows good potential of putting your internet just a couple of clicks away. I got a sneak preview of what’s to come, and it’s rockin’
Searches: type your search in the box, and get access to Yahho, Google, MSN and Wikipedia. DO NOT! under any circumstances type cass knits in that box and select wikipedia. It’s not pretty, and my name is nowhere on that page, so I don’t even know why it came up. But I can’t really blame samfind for that.

Email: You’ve got your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail right there.

Maps: Google and Yahoo just a click away.

Banking: 4 selections.

And also shop, blogs, news,movies, games audio, images and sports. And social network.

If you want to add to the site selections within each category, you can do that. Samfind is incredibly customizable. Like, you can have your bookmarks on your home page customizable. Because you can get to samfind from any computer, just by logging in. And it maintains a search history for you.

Ok, at the risk of sounding hyped up on too much coffee way late at night, this is a cool site. Possibly the coolest “tool” site I have seen. But you can’t have it. Yet. You can sign up to be notified when it goes live. And I suggest you do, cause, this– It’s good.


Here it is! Yesterday when I started, I had 4 squares. I took one of those out, and put 9 in. I did have some time where I really wondered about whether I was going to like it. There were 6 or 7 squares, and it was real iffy since it just looked jumbled. But as I continued adding squares, the jumbled-ness that had me worried caused the whole thing to come together. So, I like it. Really. I only have 3 more scraps to put in at this point, but that will be for another day, after I get some more scraps. Which means I need to knit other things.Cause if I don’t make myself do that, I’ll be digging into full balls, and it’s supposed to be a scrap project. 😉

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

A few times a year I’m looking for a gift. Dh’s job just got easier: a foolproof method to finding the right gift: Buy jewelry. Simple, yes? But also effective. No more searching around for something he hopes I’ll like, and diamond jewelry really rocks my boat.

Blog post sponsored by Blogging For Money

Changed my mind!

Again. Instead of working on DS#1’s socks, I am wanting to work on the sock blanket today. Don’t you think it needs a name?� DD#4 does not say the “s” sound, but instead substitutes “h”. So, this blanket made of sock yarn will henceforward be known as Hocks.Anyway! I made a list of the projects from the FO 2006 page that were made from sock yarn, and gathered leftovers that I could find. I also found some leftovers my sock pal from last year sent me. So! Today, I will work on that and give you a picture tonight or tomorrow. Then it will be time to rest it for awhile until I use more sock yarn to make more scraps. I am really hoping Shelly can send me some scraps when she has time, cause if I only put into it scraps from DD#1 and myself……….well, let’s just say they will be burying me with this half-done blanket.

Which leads to thoughts of meeting my maker with a UFO, and how really, we are all UFO’s anyway. No matter how hard we try, we will not attain completion/perfection on this plane.

Man, my mind works weird. Ok, Laundry. Knitting. Cooking. Knitting. Pumping and Knitting. More laundry.

Sold? or Not Sold?

You know that segment Jay Leno does every now and again? He lets people tell about their inventions, and the audience votes on whether the idea sold or not. Well, here’s a company that can make sure you get SOLD! Davison Inventegration can help you with prototyping, package design, packaging and product research.
Don’t you wanna be on the Tonight Show?

Odds and Ends

I was up again way too late last night. Dh (yeah, the computer tech) downloaded a virus onto the computer. Now I keep virus software on here, but I was not home, and he thought we did not have one. (Does he think I am stupid???) It’s not big and it’s not flashy, it just sits there quietly in the background doing it’s thing effectively, as a well behave virus protection system should. For the record, I use AVG which you can get at

Anyway, he thought he was getting virus protection. This pernicious thing made pop-ups, and spyware, and then told us we had pop ups and spyware, and told us to click to get rid of them. And all those clicks led back to the website where they sell virus and pop up protection at exorbitant prices. And it refused to be deleted. Period. If I tried to take it out on the remove software window, it told me I had to reboot first, then failed the removal because the system was shutting down. If I tried to delete it from “my computer”, it denied access. I finally restored the system to an earlier registry, and told him not to download anything else onto this computer. So, I am tired and grumpy today. But I do have some lovely pictures for you.

First, we have Jenna’s socks, finally completed, and off my mind.

Then a cute hat for the midwife:

And a square for the Opus Blanket:

Then DD#5, who was 6 months yesterday. I assure you that she does smile, but not for the camera, only for faces.

And finally, not nearly so cute as the baby (except to DD#1) and the face that puts the odd in the title of this post, I present the boyfriend. In truth, I love the young man dearly.

Today’s knitting will be for DS#1, and he wants (ta-da) socks. I have some started for him, you may recall, but I don’t so much like the 1×1 rib I have going, so I will probably rip the couple of inches I have, and just start over.


You know how hungry you get when you are pregnant and nursing? And how little time you have to make food? It seems I am always looking for something, anything, NOW to eat so FEED ME already!

Tutti Belly Maternity has Belly Bars. I bet these would do the trick!

Belly Bar by Nutrabella

Delicious, nutritious Belly Bars for before, during, and after pregnancy satisfy hunger, (and cravings) and provide valuable prenatal vitamins and minerals you need pre-conception, during pregnancy and while nursing. With three great flavors and fun, attractive pink, blue, and green packaging, Belly Bars also make great snacks for baby showers!

While you are there, check out the cute diaper bags–they have some just for dads–, and maternity clothes–umm, not so much for dads–. And the pampering kits. Mmmm!


I finished Jenna’s socks. And made a midwife hat.Today, I took two girls out for birthday dinners. I do have some pics for you: hopefully I’ll get them uploaded tomorrow. I plan to work on (a) square(s) for DD#1’s Opus blanket tonight.

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