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We follow nascar around here. Faithfully. As in, if it’s not on the television, we listen on the radio. And we usually spell it NASCAR. We like Mark Martin. We don’t like Jeff Gordon. We were sad when Rusty retired. And we chuckle at Tony Stewart’s new beard. Jimmy Johnson is leading the points just now, but we’ve decided not to worry about that until next week. You can find out more about that at speedtv. Then you’ll know the scoop on Sunday at Michigan, when they finally say “Gentlemen, start yoourrrrrrrrrrrrr eeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggines!”

Day with Mama

I’ve spent the day with my mom! We went to Wal-mart. And then lunch. Yummm! It was the pizza buffet at CiCi’s and I ate about a bazillion of the cinnamon roll things.

Then we flew in and picked up my pump, and drove to see Grandmother. My Uncle was there too, and it was nice to visit with him for a bit.

I’m back home now (duh!-why did I type that?� none-the-less, I’ll let it stay), and after a bit, I plan to work on Hocks.


Living near the sea, I enjoy beach-related things. My master bathroom is done in lighthouses, shells and such. Starfish and other sea relics make great decorations there. I do have to buy most of my shells, since the coasts here are pretty bare, but they are economical. One thing I keep seeing in my mind, but have not made yet is a wall hanging made from a piece of fishing net, with various shells on it, maybe suspended from driftwood.

You could make a wreath or Christmas ornaments, too. One of my favorite ornaments is one DD#1 made eons ago from a shell. Or wedding decorations. Or…..well, your imagination is the limit, I guess :)

Weird Sucky Noises

So, I am surfing the internet this morning, pumping along as I usually do. And then my pump starts making a weird sucky noise. A weird WET sucky noise. And I looked over to see milk going up the tubes INTO the pump. People, weird wet sucky noises *are not good* when pumping. I want to feed the baby, not the pump, iykwim. Now the pump is running without me attached to dry the tubing. But I did have the biggest morning pump I’ve had in months. Right on the heels of yesterday’s total which was more than I’ve had in several months.

I noticed this with DD#4 as well. Like, at 6 months, my body decided that I really had made up my mind to nurse, and it might as well make milk. Weird.

TV Top Ten

New Site Alert. New to me, anyway. I’ve pointed you before to the as seen on tv site, but this one seems better organized. Cleaner looking, if you will. And look, they even have the Auto Cool that I talked about before. I really like that you can search for the products alphabetically.

But grab a cup of coffee, cause there are like a bazillion products here :)

Not much

Here is the progress on DS#1’s socks. This is 2 days work, and it doesn’t feel like much got done. This is the first time I’ve started 2 at a time.

Today and tomorrow, I’m working in DD#3’s poncho. In fact, I picked it up late last night when I got so tired I had to put the tiny yarn and needles down.

I have heard from Shelly, and she will be sending some scraps for Hocks.

Have I explained this month’s schizophrenic knitting?� I am trying to be fair in knitting for the kids. I worry about this a lot, see. Anyhow, I figured to give them each 2 days. And in theory, that’s good. But …… makes progress slow. And I have to stop at un-natural points in the knitting. I don’t know how I am going to change it, but I am going to. Somehow.

Too Good to be True?

I wanted to give you another update on PayPerPost. I am so enjoying blogging for them. Since I am sitting here pumping, it’s a good chance to see websites beyond my favorites, which as you know are pretty slim since the “crash of 2006″, and see new products.
So far, I have made $238.05, and will make an additional 278.01 over the next 30 days. I’ve transferred money into the bank for cash. I’ve bought yarn I needed for DS#2’s sweater. I’ve paid a couple of bills. And it’s so easy! In fact, we have a new Wal-mart coming on October, so they say. I was actually leaning towards getting a job there just to help out financially, but I’m not going to have to do that now. it’s a relief off my mind, not having to worry about leaving my kids. Cause, talk about ultimate freedom from a time clock, but this is it. If I am sick, or the kids are extra needy, or I am just pushed for time, it’s ok. I am not gonna lose my job for not showing up. It’s all about ME, and you know that’s just how I like things to be, LOL!
I just blog about things that interest me, or that I think will interest some of you. I can, and do, ignore opportunities to post on stuff that I am not interested in. Or that I find to be too “over the top”. Cause there are limits to the types of blog advertising I’ll do.

It’s Magic!

I did get the socks for DS#1 started. I am using Opal magic in yellow for them. I am knitting 2 at a time, using both ends of the ball. I am about an inch and a half in, and so far they are opposite. I’ll flash you a pic late tonight or tomorrow.

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