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Man, I love me some eBay. I search there first for just about anything I am looking for. Need new Addis? eBay. Want some Opal? eBay. Looking for a breast pump? eBay. Need new horns to go with that pump? eBay. Valves, tubing, etc? eBay. Diapers? Yep, eBay. School books? Ayup.
But the problem is that I lose auctions at the last minute. That doesn’t need to happen anymore with automatic eBay bidder. This is a quick download from and it contains no ads, no pop ups and no spyware.

It’s easy to add your items, and you can search from the program. It bids automatically for you at the last second(s) of the auction, so you don’t have to stress it. You can also use it to bid manually or Buy-It-Now. You can set up bidding groups to prevent double buying of similar items. And you can have it send auction reminders to your cell phone. This thing practically comes when you whistle for it.

It’s a cool way to get just what you are looking for at the price you are willing to pay. If you use eBay, you can use this tool! Go ahead-SNIPE! You know you want to!

The Anchoress – Anchoress called on to retract support for Rudy

The Anchoress – Anchoress called on to retract support for Rudy

She doesn’t. But she does tell us a lot I did not know. I’ll be watching Rudy. Yes, indeed.

Exceptional Trade Show Graphics With No Headaches

The last thing you need to worry about when prepping for a trade show is whether or not your trade show graphics will attract attention. And when you order from ExhibitDEAL, you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll know their in-house designers are right there to offer their creativity and expertise and help create a trade show display that will give you that much-needed edge over the competition.
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Cheez Whiz

Here is DD#2 in her new hat, made with Lion Brand suede, on size 8 Addis. This yarn is awful. It made my hands sweat, while at the same time leaving them feeling chalky. It had no give at all, and it worms. I finished the hat, and put the rest of the yarn in the worsted scrap blanket, and if I never knit it again, that will be fine with me. This is the cheez whiz of yarndom. It looks like yarn, it smells like yarn, but it’s not yarn.

Want that Table Mate!

I want this: Table Mate. I don’t want to eat on it. I want to use it to hold knitting patterns and charts. And I want to fold it up and slide it under the couch when I am done. I could have it for $5 less than what is offered on TV, with a week delivery time, instead of 6-8 weeks, as seen on the tv ads. So I guess the only question is this:� should I spend dollars on this, or on yarn?� Decisions, decisions. And we all know I stink at those.

All Dolled Up

I so need this thing

Ugh! As we were leaving the family gathering today, it began to storm. In fact, we left because the first crack of thunder boomed. But we had to close the windows on the car for part of the ride home. Can you say unbearably muggy The first thing I did when the car stopped was to throw open the door and stick my head out. Ionic Pro seems like just the ticket! It:

  • Traps airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, dust, and pet dander
  • Traps particles as small as 1 micron
  • One unit recommended for rooms up to 500 square feet.
  • Operates in complete silence
  • No costly filters to replace
  • Energy efficient (operates on less than 12 watts)
  • Easy to clean (simply wipe the collection plates
  • Comes with 3 steel collection blades
  • Stable base stand

I have three children, in addition to myself, who have some “air transfer issues”, so it’s something that I think about as the seasons change. And the kinds of mold* we have here in the wonderful South, are only outnumbered by the kinds of bugs. Cause nothing does grumpy like “I can’t breathe.” Clean air is good air, and wet air just blows.

*Funny story here. Well, funny to me anyway. We have (mostly) used cloth dipes on the kids since my new-13 year old was born. When we moved here, my now 6 year old was in dipes and I remember one day dh changing the baby. Now, he worked out of town during the week and was only home on weekends, so bear this in mind. So, he comes out, and says “Is DS#2 sick?” And I said not that I knew of. And so he told me “about the weird orange stuff in the diaper pail.” Yep, you guessed it. I checked out the diaper pail, and said, “Honey, welcome to the South, home to five bazillion kinds of mold.”

More Family

Nother side this time. My Granny’s birthday was this week, so we all gathered there today for lunch. It was good to see everybody. I oughta take my pic for you today.

I have a sore on my face, and I used cover-up, since it just looks hideous. Well, you know when you use that stuff, you have to wear a full face, just to cover up the cover-up. So, I am wearing full make-up which I do so rarely that it’s a real occasion. I must say, I still clean up pretty good; and the silver in my hair was really gleaming in the sun. No, that doesn’t bother me. I like it.

Now I am tired, and I think I shall nap when I get through pumping.

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