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I’m getting something

I’m getting something new. It’s tall and powerful. It vibrates and makes a loud noise. Can you guess what it is??� It’s bigger than a lunchbox but still fits in a car.

Could it be…..

that folks are just plain jealous? Over at TechCrunch and DigitalPoint, PayPerPost has taken some pretty heavy flack. And the bloggers themselves (hey, that would be me) have received their fair share of nasty, too. Guess it’s somehow unpatriotic to make money blogging.

Here’s my take, on it. Most of those complaining have top banner ads, bottom banner ads and ads on both sides. Kinda like Santa complaining that Christmas is overly commercialized. This digg article lays it out pretty plain. And I’m apparently part of the revolution. Whodda thunk it?

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

It’s here~! Shelly sent my box, and it’s here! I’d be showing you a picture RIGHT NOW if my lame mail person had left the box instead of a stupid pick-up slip. Sigh. Grrrrrrrrr.

It’s all about SPAM

Luncheon meat that is! See, that’s what’s really going on over at PayPerPost! Ted is gathering everyone who still eats that stuff and having us write ads on blogs for money. Then, he’ll know who to send coupons to. It’s the coupons I’m really after. The money is just a trivial, secondary consideration. Really. Cause I love me some SPAM sammiches. Fried, and with mustard, on cheap white bread. People, it’s just good eatin’! Yeah, I sound all high-faluting on this here blog, but I’m still just a redneck at heart. Sue me, but I just can’t get above my raisin’, no matter how hard I try.

Other redneck food I like:

  1. fried bologna sandwiches
  2. fried okra
  3. boiled okra
  4. boiled peanuts
  5. moon pies
  6. dry beans and rice
  7. fried green tomatoes

Books, Batteries and Baby Beds

Yay Books!� Stopped by Books-a-Million last night on the way to knitting group. Picked up a school book for DD#2 and two of the Yarn Harlot’s books for me. Also 2 books for DD#1 that I will read when she is done.

Was quite late getting to knitting group, because I left the headlights on at the book store, and killed my Battery. Everyone was packing up when we got there, but I was able to get the needles I went after. I have another set of long circular 2s, since so many of my peeps want socks. I’ve been moving my one set from sock to sock to sock.

Baby has outgrown both her bed and her clothes. We’ll fix that this weekend. She still technically fits in the bassinet, but she likes to roll over to sleep now, and it’s a squeeze. I’ll be moving her into a pak’n’play, and DD#4 will be moving up to a toddler bed, since she has begun to get her own self out of the pak’n’play she sleeps in.

Sorry I was silent yesterday.I spent a good deal of the day with a raucous headache. Not fun.

Not PC

Dropped by the publisher. Site banned from Yahoo and Google ad programs. Reviews deleted from Amazon. Wow. I can’t fathom what must be going on here, since you can get right next door to child porn without offending folks these days. I’m gonna guess that the book describes folks who blow up other folks and calls them, umm terrorists, maybe.

Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict, by Obadiah Shoher, abandons moralizing to view Israeli-Muslim struggle in terms of raw realpolitik.

You can download Samson Blinded at no cost, and it certainly sounds like a book we maybe should read, eh?

Hocks Reborn

Here it is: enough for 102 squares!


There goes Hocks. I liked it, I did. Except those 2 bright pink squares so close together. And while it may have been ok once I got more done, I was afraid that I’d get it done, and those 2 squares would *still* go against my grain. So, while it was young, I tore it all out. I’ve spent three hours now pulling off 10-yard balls of sock yarn, 2 from every kind of sock yarn DD#1 and I collectively own. And I’ll have a picture for you later of Hocks reborn. And I am satisfied that with what I have now, and the box Shelly wrote about this morning, I’ll not have 2 of the same so close together that I can’t quit fuming over it. I’m still deciding rippled or square.

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