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It’s all about SPAM

Luncheon meat that is! See, that’s what’s really going on over at PayPerPost! Ted is gathering everyone who still eats that stuff and having us write ads on blogs for money. Then, he’ll know who to send coupons to. It’s the coupons I’m really after. The money is just a trivial, secondary consideration. Really. Cause I love me some SPAM sammiches. Fried, and with mustard, on cheap white bread. People, it’s just good eatin’! Yeah, I sound all high-faluting on this here blog, but I’m still just a redneck at heart. Sue me, but I just can’t get above my raisin’, no matter how hard I try.

Other redneck food I like:

  1. fried bologna sandwiches
  2. fried okra
  3. boiled okra
  4. boiled peanuts
  5. moon pies
  6. dry beans and rice
  7. fried green tomatoes

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