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Loose Ends

I’ve had several posts in the past few days that left you hanging, so let’s take care of those loose ends.

I did indeed get a new vacuum cleaner. We seem to go through them about every 12-18 months. The current model is a dirt devil. We promptly clogged it right up as it sucked up what the old one had been leaving. I know it works though, because after it clogged, when we turned it over to check it, half my backyard fell back out of it. The design is *much* easier to clear out that any other vac I have had. I can do it myself instead of having dh do it, so that’s a plus.

DD#1 and I balled up the yarn for hocks, and I spent the weekend working on it. I’ll have to take a pic of it for you, and upload it later today. When you see the picture, you’ll know why I enjoy it so much..

Thanks to those who replied to the post about children. Sometimes, this lifestyle is a tough row to hoe, there’s no way to get around it. I appreciate the support while I am in the trenches. I’d just get into trouble with too much free time anyway, LOL!

We did get the baby beds done. Instead of shuffling the children around, we shuffled my room. We got the 4 of us back in there, with the new beds with some re-arranging. It took a good portion of the day on Saturday, but it was less work over-all than shuffling the children’s room. Also, clothes for DD#5 are in the dryer and washer. I’ll spend some time today tidying up the remaining piles from the furniture moving and getting her clothes sorted and in the proper place.

Also, I helped my mother set up a blog!!!!!!!!! My mom the blogger, how cool is that? You can find her at Me and My Life.

Yesterday, Mama called before I was even out of bed and said let’s go to WalMart. I was still asleep, and told her I’d be ready in 15 minutes, as I was swinging my legs out of bed. About the time my feet hit the floor, we both said “pumping”, and I told her it would be about an hour or hour and a half.

It was a successful trip. The thing I am most tickled with is my new hook bar. I have been using one of those accordion cup holder things to hold the assorted diaper bags, etc near the door. They’ve been falling, I’ve been picking them up. They’ve been falling, I’ve been picking them up. They’ve been falling, I’ve been picking them up. They’ve been falling. Now, I have actual, proper true curved hooks for them, and I dare them to fall anymore. Also acquired: sheets for the boys room. (Mental note, you know you have a lot of children when you buy sheets 3 sets at a time.)

And, I started Christmas shopping. I like very traditional toys, and last year I had a very hard time finding those. So, I was in the toy department looking for a birthday for DS#3 who turned 5 this weekend. And I saw the perfect baby dolls for DD#4 and DD#5. So, I picked them up. Then I found something else. So, when the stack was as tall as I could see over, I stopped and went and got a buggy, and decided to go ahead and do the deed. I got those 2 kids just about finished, and their stuff is on layaway. The dolls are plain dolls, they do *nothing*. No talking, no walking, no crying, no going potty. Nothing. Just the way I like them. Also some plain wooden blocks.

And an etch-a-sketch. I searched all over town, and the internet for a plain ol’ red etch-a-sketch last year. And then my Dad went looking as well. No regular etch-a-sketch to be found. Well, I have one now. And also words for whomever decided the thing needed jazzing up in the first place: LEAVE GOOD TOYS ALONE! Upshot: I now know I can find the good toys in August, before the classics are replaced by the latest gimmicks.

Today’s knitting will be on DH’s socks. Perhaps I will be able to get the first one finished in the next 2 days, as I am now on the leg.

Ok, that’s a longish enough post for now. I’ll be back later with more on hocks.

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