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Sockity Sock Sock

Yesterday, I continued to work on the Opal Flamingo dress alterations. I go *almost* done with the seed stitch border on the bottom. So, today I am moving on to DS#3. His sock still fits, but I have decided to rip it back anyway, and put a gusset in it, as he struggles to get it on, and also, I think the cuff is too short for a boy sock. I’ll be making both at the same time, and here’s why:

I have finally found my perfect sock pattern, the one I’ll be memorizing. It’s an amalgamation of several things.

Figure 8 cast-on, over 16 stitches per side (for an adult) because it can be started with just yarn and needles

gusset because it eases that stretch over the heel, making it easier to get the sock on

sherman heel cause it is simple and looks good, and fits fantabulously

decrease gusset cause you have to

2×2 rib cause I like the way it looks

and sewn bindoff because it is marvelously stretchy.

Now, if I have the perfect pattern here, why am I making DS socks at the same time? Because I somehow managed to make one of these socks just a few rounds shorter than the other. So they are just a bit less than perfect, now aren’t they? Not nearly as much as it looks in the pic, but still. Oh, and socks made like this do not lay flat nicely for a picture.Being made in the shape of a foot, they prefer to lie foot shaped, all bumpy and such.
BTW, these are the socks I made for Grandmother. Pardon the wrinkles, they sat in the dryer for a bit before I got to them.

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