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Too much Stuff?

Do you have too much stuff? I know my closets are overflowing. And my cabinets. And even my drawers. If you are out of room, you might check out the Self Storage Directory – The site allows you to find storage in your local area, searching by city, state or zip codes. You can get up to four quotes to find the lowest price. The site is easy to navigate, AND you send your contact info *only* to the companies you choose.

If you are actually moving, instead of merely crowded, you can also find packing supplies and other services related to real estate.

Makes me think of that song from the America Rocks shows……..Elbow Room, Elbow Room, gotta gotta get me some elbow room. Of course, the song was about the expansion of the US, and surely you don’t need anything the size of the Louisiana Purchase, do you?

Circuitous. Compelling. inCredible.

I just finished The Time Traveler’s Wife last night. This was an awesome book. I spent the first bit trying to get a grip on the idea of the story, but about halfway in the book became absolutely compelling. I just wanted to read, read, read. I’m not gonna tell about the plot, I want you to read it for yourself. It runs about 550 pages, and each page is good! Really good. Go get it. It’ll be one you keep, and not one you pass along.


Strange. But interesting. I’ve never seen this kind of site before. Vonage is a website all about Vonage. But it’s not owned by Vonage. There is a big disclaimer right at the top of the main section of the page to that effect. It’s a VoIP information site, offering news, reviews and forums. It’s owned by 4Sight Media LLC.

This “independent support site” seems like a place to go to get your questions answered. And you can sign up right from the front page. Which naturally leads to some questions of my own. But I’m just like that, I guess.

There are also some cool-ish tools there, such as the Vonage toolbar which allows you to view voicemails, minutes used & more, and also info on Vonage stock.

Yes, No, No and wahhhh. Also, Hello.

Yes, I went to ACMoore.

No, I did not buy any yarn. The stuff I wanted was 16 bucks a skein. But, they are having a 25% off sale on Sept 10, so I may find myself back there then. I want to get some yarn for Christmas gifts. Not just for me to make Christmas gifts, but just to give. DD#3 has picked up the needles! so she and DD#1 will each get some yarn for Christmas.

No, I did not get my sock started yesterday. It’s on today’s agenda.

I picked up Sonota last night, and ripped back 16 rows of box stitch because I was not slipping the first stitch. I always do that because it makes seaming so much easier.

I’d like to give a wave to a family member who just found out I have a blog, and spent some time here yesterday. You know who you are, and welcome to my little corner of the www.

I’ll be posting a book review or two sometime, hopefully today. For now, I need to get a square for hocks, and then get on with the day.

Sidebar Discussions

That would be my sidebar, and I’ll be discussing it now. Feel free to listen in, and as usual, opinions are welcome. These notes are to remind me of my plans.
This month, I have given everyone 2 days, except the charity work got 3. That seemed a reasonable way to go about it, trying to be fair. But I had to leave a lot of projects in weird places. I plan to do it differently from now on. I’ll work on projects to a logical stopping place, and just keep track of the days, so it all comes out more or less even. To me, a logical stopping place is the end of a ball OR a milestone.
But let’s talk about the projects :)

pinwheel sweater for dulaan I think I’ll be finishing this in my 3 days of knitting for charity gifting in September. But it’s not going to Dulaan, I’m sending it to Santa Train instead. DD#1 is through with the sweater she was making, and if I run out of the yellow I have before I get it the size I want, I can use some of her green. Mama has mentioned another pair of socks for Grandmother, so that may end up being my gifting knitting from now until she thinks Grandmother has enough socks. The wool socks really help with her cold feet, and Lord Knows! the woman has done enough for me that I can make her some socks, yes?

blanket for DD#5 When I left this, I was almost though with the 6th ball. I am calculating that it will take that one, plus 2 more. I have ten, but I’ll probably exchange 2 of them for a solid peach to work a trim. When next I work on it, I’ll finish the small amount of ball 6, and put in ball 7.

demo sweater for DD#5 I won’t work on this again until her blanket is done. If she outgrows it before then, well. It will fit someone, somewhere. This is in cotton, so not a good candidate for the usual charities, which require wool. Perhaps, it will still fit, and I’ll try it on her when the time comes to see if it can be made to fit if it does not.

alter dress for DD#4 I still am lengthening the skirt, and then I will add some sleeve length. I’ll get it finished the next time I work on it. Then I will select another project for her, and I think I know what yarn I am going to use. No, I don’t have it yet. But there is a beautiful yarn at ACMoore that has been trying to come home with me. Next time I am there, I may just let it. That could be as early as tonight.

socks for DS#3 I am on the cuff of these, and next time I will get through the heel.

sweater for DS#2 I left this with a tad in the ball. It’s an Einstein from Sally Melville’s Knit Stitch. I’ll finish the skirt part when I pick it up. That will leave me mid ball again, but that’s ok in this instance. If I have more time to use on him, I’ll do a front as well.

socks for DS#1 On the cuff of these as well, and plan to get through the heels. Oh! I am doing them and DS#3 2 at a time on 1 circular. Both pairs are top down, because they grow to fast to do them one at a time or toe up, and still expect them to fit when I am done. This way, closing the toe is the last thing to do, and I can try them on before I do that.

poncho for DD#3 Left this part way through a ball as well. I’ll finish the ball next time.

socks for DD#3 on hold until the poncho is done.

hat for DD#2 This is in the Opal Tiger, and I am about half done, maybe a little more. I’ll finish it next time.

pullover for DD#1 OY! This one was the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as leaving projects in weird places. I was in the middle of the short rows for the bust. How lame is that? Never mind, no need to answer.

socks for DD#1 on hold until I finish the pullover.

socks for DH in the middle of the leg on the first of these. The next time I pick this sock up, it will get finished.


These are for me. Or for my personal satisfaction.

Hocks I did some math this morning, and according to my calculations, which could be wrong, but I don’t think so, it’s gonna take 630 squares to make this blanket. I am going to put it on the square a day plan, with occasional days of more intensive concentration.

opus for DD#1 This is still on-going. It’s a patchwork blanket, and I left it in the middle of a square. Hello? Middle of a square? Smooth that, eh? Even though DD#1’s name is on it, it is really for my satisfaction. I intend to give it to her as a wedding gift. There is no engagement, but the girl is 18, you know. I plan to make a square (as in a *complete* square) each month. I’ll be needing to order yarn for it soon, as I am doing 12 of 4 different colors, and I have now 10 squares. So next time, I’ll finish the square I have in progress.

worsted scrap blanket This one is a sleeper. Mitered squarees to use up worsted weight washable leftovers. Cause it’s a crime to throw yarn away, and I needed a way to use it.

more socks for me I have one of these done. I’ll likely get the other one started today, and once the toe is complete, it will live in the bathroom. Which is where I did most of the knitting for the first sock. Hey, it works.

sonota in svale I’ve not done anything on this in August, but I am one ball into it. When I pick it up again, I will finish another ball. I am enjoying it, the svale is like buttah, and the pattern is fun.

otis in cascade 220 I think I left this in the middle of a front, but I really can’t remember. I’ll at least finish that fromt next time, and possible work on the back, depeding where the end of the ball falls.

So, that leaves me with this regimen:

Hocks: square a day
Giving: 3 days per month
Opus: square a month

Everything else: pick up and work to a logical stopping point on a rotating basis while keeping track of the days.

That’s doable


Knitting. Is. Crack.

I am jonesing for lace. I wanna make lace! But, the only yarn I have enough of to do a shawl is pink fingering weight.

Then I saw some new yarn at, Trendsetter Tonalita, and I want some of that.�No, not lace material, it’s heavy worsted. But it sure is purty.

And I want to work on Hocks.

But also start a log cabin blanket.

But, I also want to finish the book I am reading. In fact, I kinda cheated DH’s socks, cause I spent so much time reading.I can read and knit, yes. But only hard back books, because they hold themselves open.

Have you looked over there in the sidebar?� Like I need another project. Geez!

And there you have my stream-of-consciousness post for the morning.

That’s Slick!

This is the coolest can opener ever! It opens from the side, and not the top, so you don’t end up with jagged edges. And it does all the work for you. The One Touch Can Opener is just that. Put it on the can, push the button, and you are done. This would be a good thing on the days my hands are hurting from arthritis (don’t ask, I’m as young as you are) or over-use (no need to ask, you know I knit all the time).

Morning Ya’ll!

I have nothing to report. Nothing. Well, nothing knitted related, anyway.

I did get the baby’s clothes dealt with yesterday. I did not knit much on dh’s socks, because I am reading a book, and it is really good. I’ll have more on that later :)

I do need to do a 101 things post soon. Maybe later today, eh?� Right now, I am running late, and need to get busy.

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