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Decisions, Decisions

Baby dress

Creatures of the Reef


Pinwheel Blanket

Shetland Garden

Fabonacci Sweater

Girlfriend Shrug

Buttoned Up Shawl


Baby Set

Pinwheel Sweater

Log Cabin

Jardin Anglais


Mitered Socks

Blanket like I made DD#1

Surplice Sweater

Buttonhole Bag�

Feather and Fan Pullover

Feather and Fan Pullover from Gathering of Lace, executed in Lang Jawoll superwash (sock yarn) on size 4 Addis. I did alter the pattern somewhat, as I did not care for the cuffs as pictured. I do love this sweater. The fit is divine, and it’s……just awesome! A year in the making, and worth every stitch!

Next up: finishing Grandmother’s socks


She’s done, ladies and gents! I still have to do the finishing work, but� I am pretty sure I can manage that today! Picture as soon as I can! Can you tell I am excited?

So Tired

So, neither the Responsible Me nor the Knitting Me won yesterday. Instead the Mommy Me held the baby who was unhappy. Today, the Daughter Me sat at the hospital all day. My mom had her thyroid removed. Does hanging out with my dad waiting count as doing something with him? We did discuss world events, mostly about how people who chose to go to Lebanon should quit whining because the federal government did not show up within 15 minutes to rescue them from *their own choices*. This was followed by the rhetorical “whatever happened to accepting personal responsibility?”

I did get a few rounds on the sweater. 10 are left, at 100 stitches each. Yes, 1000** stitches separate me from my finished sweater. (Plus sewn cast off and finishing). And I bet I am too tired to get it done tonight.

Oops, 13 rounds/1300 stitches

Arguing with Myself

The Knitting Me is telling myself to knit on this sweater, cause I could finish it today if I try. The Responsible Me is telling myself to continue with the regular household routine of chores and school, squeezing the knitting in when I can, as I usually do. I’m winning. 8)

Cool Fire

I do love a fire. You know, in winter. I love the sound, and the sight, and the smell. My Grandpa always has a fire going in winter, and when I think of visits to his house, that’s what I remember. Anyway, enough of me. You can have a cool fire right on your tv with this DVD. I did scope out some others on the site while I was there, and they do have some interesting things. Definitely worth a gander for that hard-to-buy-for person. – Timeline: Decades of conflict in Lebanon, Israel – Jul 14, 2006 – Timeline: Decades of conflict in Lebanon, Israel – Jul 14, 2006

Worth a gander to brush up on recent history. I do note that several of the paragraphs begin with “Israel did some bad stuff” *after* soandso did xyz. Umm, shouldn’t the first aggression get top billing???

Anyway, don’t forget to go back to Genesis for the beginning of the conflict :)


What in the world is mesothelioma? After deleting several of these comments in the past, I now get paid to write a post about it. tells me it’s lung cancer caused by asbestos. And the site is run by an attorney, just in case you havepressing legal needs :roll:

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