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Got Games?

I do! Over at free online games they are bringing my childhood back to life! I do so remember playing Pacman and Frogger and Super Mario Brothers with my cousin on her TV in my early teens. Well, I am grown now, with 8 children, and she is grown with one, and we haven’t played in more than 20 years. But when I saw this site, I remembered it like it was yesterday.

Go ahead, take a walk down memory lane. It’s free. You don’t even have to give your email addy.

Buttonhole Bag

Not only did I start it, I finished it. This thing is just cute to me. C.U.T.E. And superquicktoknit. I used a strand of some really beautiful wool that was too scratchy for any thing but felting with 2 strands of Cascade 220 in coordinating colors. I knit it on 17s,and ran it through hot wash cycle twice. It felted very well, and now the girls all want one. In the picture below, it is stuffed with a old small bath towel, to give you an idea of the size.

Myhomething appears to be a clearing house for consumers to find info on mortgages, realtors and home services. There is no fee to the consumer, but only to the “service providers”. They offer the now typical “as many as 4 offers with oneform”. However, it looks like you can also use the site to find someone to do home repairs for you, which I haven’t seen hooked together with realtors and mortgages before, so that’s a nice twist. Read the terms and conditions. The part you will be interested in concerns the “service providers”. They are buying the leads, and that means SPAM. OTOH, it could be a handy way to find what you are looking for, if you are wanting to fix your place up to sell it, while finding a mortgage for a new house.They do warn you to check out the service providers on your own, and I have always found word-of-mouth to be a great way to get recommendations for those sorts of things.

Gotta be starting Something!

So, I know you are all hanging on the edge of your seat wanting to know if I started anything. Well, I did. I had a real festival of starting. A Start-O-Rama if you will. And I have the pictures to prove it!

I started a blanket from sock yarn leftovers. DD#1 and I will work on this together, as we accumulate leftovers. A long-term project.

Speaking of DD#1, here is the beginning of the top down raglan pullover she has requested. Nothing interesting here, really. She elected to let the yarn do the talking,so all I have to do is knit. This is Cascade Sierra Quattro.

Then, having finished my feather and fan with such success, it was time to start another sweater for myself. Here is the Otis I have been planning forever. It’s in Cascade220.

And, thanks to Fee for pointing out the lovely Sonota to me. I’m doing it in Svale. Which is much like knitting butter. Am I ever glad DD#1 gave it back.

And finally, I started Grandmother’s second sock

I may or may not start a button hole bag today. I also may or may not start a sweater for DS#1.


I’ve been thinking about scrubs, and whether or not to get some. I know a few non-medical folks who wear them, and they say that they are very comfortable. Now, I am all about the knit fabric, as opposed to the woven, and that’s all that’s been holding me back. I like the cute patterns, and I know my kids would get a hoot out of seeing me in cartoon characters.

Anyway, you can find scrubs by clicking the link. They have some cute stuff there, but I’ve found much lower prices at the local drug store.

I like this one. Very pretty! But get a cup of coffee before you click. They only have 865 shirts to choose from!

Narrowing It Down

Notes to myself on the possible projects. I have weeded it down a bit, based on what I can do with materials on hand and what intrigues me most right now.

Baby Dress I have plenty to do this, as it’s actually fingering weight yarn on small needles. The pattern is written with English measures.

Otis This is actually going under the Dune collar I made so long ago. I have had the yarn for quite awhile.

Girlfriend Shrug I am seeing this as a companion to the dress above, or to Sherri if I make it dress length.

Pinwheel Sweater Kids version from worsted wool leftovers. This looks like a FUN knit!

Sherri This would be cute in Sierra Quattro if I have leftovers from DD#1’s pullover. Also in the svale.

Mitered Socks This is a blanket from sock scraps, and we know I have plenty of those.

Haiku and Sonnet These look fun, and could be made from anything.

Surplice Sweater I could make this from about anything, too.

Buttonhole Bag Likewise, from any thing feltable.

Making all this would seriously dent the stash. That would justify new yarn for the other things. Right?

Picnic Baskets

Got an anniversary coming up? Wanna give a giftie “just because”? Picnic baskets make great gifts.

You’ll find an incredible selection of fun baskets here. Casual contemporary to classic to romantic to formal. Most come with utensils and such. They also have wine totes. And backpacks!
This page has links to recipes for your picnic. Gourmet gift baskets are on this page. And just in case you can’t decide, you can get gift vouchers.


Today, I am going to hang out with my kids and watch movies while I stitch. DD#1 wants a pullover in the Sierra Quattro, so I will start that, I think. The most pressing household thing is laundry, so I will get that started before I do anything else. I did finish the first of Grandmother’s socks yesterday.

Lillium, I can’t do the Creatures Shawl just now, as I don’t have any yarn here that’s suitable. I really can’t justify buying any right now, either. Same for the Jardin Anglais. As soon as I can persuade myself to do so, I will rectify that, LOL! I have a birthday coming, hmmmm?

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