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Light Up the Night

Solar Lights take advantage of the sun to light your yard at night. There are some awesome lights here. Look at this one , it’s a FLOWER! They have rocks and gnomes, too, in addition to your plain ol’ light, all run on solar power. Form meets function.

Much Better Now

The rest of the day

  • sanity restoring shower
  • more baby feeding
  • more pumping
  • eating� fried chicken (mostly) prepared by not-me
  • wonderful cake made by daughter
  • lots of hugs and kisses
  • more Otis

Back to School Clothes is now offering the Tea Collection , a line of mix and match clothes. Sizes range from 12months to 6, with a nice selection of colors and styles. In addition to the tea collection, tuttibella offers European clothing, diaper bags, maternity clothes, shoes and the list goes on to bedding and decor. Lots of eye-candy for kiddos here. Be sure to check out the sale pages.

What I Did Today

  • Finished a ball of svale into Sonota
  • Worked on Otis
  • Ate an omelet that I did not make
  • Fed the baby 4 times
  • Pumped 4 times
  • Ignored the laundry
  • Got a cool bag from my mom
  • lay down for 30 seconds in an aborted nap attempt
  • Put the baby down for a nap
  • Tried to accept that no matter how many times I say I want a store-bought cake for my birthday, it’s never going to be important enough for anyone to remember
  • failed
  • ended this post before it became a fruitless exercise in self-pity

Plasma Television

My dh loves a new toy. He’s said he wants a big-screen tv.� Now, I have no idea where he thinks he would put that thing, but I guarantee if we got such a thing *someone* would have to be sleeping on it 😛 There’s just no room for it in here. None the less, Plasma Televisions has all kinds of info for you- assuming you have space for the tv. The site is put together by an outfit called InfOrganization. Here’s what they say about themselves: is now live with its first five sites. Browse around. There is not much, but it should give an idea on what we are here to do. Its time to reclaim some of the internet with information, not affiliate links to whoever can pay us the most!

I did not find any ads on the site, which was pleasantly surprising. Lots of very informative articles. It’s a good place to start your research.

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, I did go to ACMoore. I bought a couple row counters and some magazines. I left the yarn there. I was thrilled to see that Paton’s Classic Wool now comes in variegated. I will definitely pick up some of those at some point. Also,the Marble has several new and lovely colorways. Then I went to the yarn store, and I bought nothing. How refreshing is that?� It’ll all be there when I need it.

Today, I plan to do as little as I can possibly get away with 😉

Mags has them. Now usually, when I hear about low prices for magazines, there are very few crafty ones in the selection. Not so this time. I see Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits and Creative Knitting among others. Search on knitting to see.

The site is a harvester, not a seller. They look at the prices on other sites, and find the lowest one. They also have coupon codes for an even better deal.


I noted the ACMoore ad today has Bernat Cotton in the huge balls. I am completely out of cotton, and that stuff is pretty, so I may pick up a ball or 2. Or, you know, a few. Tonight is knitting group, so I will likely be in town anyway.

Before I knit today, I must do some tidying around here.

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