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Car and Driver

Christmas is coming

The goose is getting fat

Please to put a penny

In an old man’s hat

If you haven’t got a penny

A ha’penny will do

If you haven’t got a ha’penny

Then God Bless You!

I always begin thinking about Christmas early. In fact, I bought the first presents last Wednesday. Hey, I said I didn’t buy yarn, not that I didn’t buy anything! Anyway, check out this deal on Car and Driver for the man in your life. It’s something my dh would enjoy.

Party Time

Last night we went to Movie Gallery to rent a flick. They were having a really good sale, so we bought movies instead. Today, after all the cleaning is done, we are having movie day. Lunch in the living room and everything. On the knitting agenda: finishing the ball into Otis, then Grandmother’s socks.

Office Furniture

Back hurting from your old chair? Looking to spruce up your digs? Stop by office furniture and check out the wide variety of goodies.� Lots with free shipping. Great stuff for your home, too, including futons and gliders.

Zoom, zoom, zoom

I just finished the left front of Otis!!

School Uniforms

We don’t wear uniforms here at Darrow Academy. Which is not to say that I haven’t considered it. If we ever end up with that 12 passenger van, so that we all go places together during the school day, we probably will. After all, they are easy care, wrinkle resistant and come in classic colors. And isn’t it amazing how much better a horde of 8 children looks when they are all dressed alike? In fact, 9 times out of 10, I dress my three sons in matching clothes to take them anywhere. It sure makes them easy to spot in a crowd. If you are a mom of many, then I know you know the “counting method of child control”. That’s where you spend the entire time you are out anywhere counting your children :)

Anyway, I digress. As usual. Back to the point. Dickies has a line of school uniforms. Shorts, shirts, pants, and skorts ranging in size from 4 to 20. Also at DenimExpress–more jeans than you can shake a stick at! And free shipping if you spend $70. Also, no sales tax. I do love me some blue jeans. If it’s denim, I’m there.

August Basket

Here we have the August Basket. 15 balls. One of everything, except 2 from the sock yarn.

Think I can do that in 31 days? Of course, in order to use some of it, I’ll have to pull some coordinating yarns as well.

Do cars sweat?

Or maybe just new to me. Here is a fan for your car. Not for you, for your car. It keeps your car up to 30 degrees cooler while it’s parked. If you’ve ever fried your palms on the steering wheel, or seared your thighs on the seat, you know this isn’t as silly as it sounds. And if you live in the southern US, as I do, I know you have done that. After all, this is the home of pinkie-tip steering. Waffle weave tan on the backs of the legs. Opening the car door with your shirt tail. You know.
Auto Cool Solar Car Fan

The Day After

What a mess! I can look around and tell I took a day off yesterday. I’ll not be able to do that today, LOL! I’ll get started putting things in order after I pump.

I did get the left front of Otis over half done yesterday. One wonders why this pattern which is distinctly feminine is called Otis. Anyway. I am changing the pattern a bit. I much prefer decreased armholes as opposed to stair-stepped bound off ones. I also much prefer to short row shoulders rather than stair step them. And, I like to pickup sleeves and knit down rather than to sew them in later. So, I am doing all that. I just don’t take instructions very well, do I?

Other fun things I may get to do today: set up the August yarn basket, and make a list of the yarn I need to make the projects I listed the other day, but did not have yarn for. If I do that, then at least when the yarn buying urge hits, I’ll know what I actually need.

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