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Narrowing It Down

Notes to myself on the possible projects. I have weeded it down a bit, based on what I can do with materials on hand and what intrigues me most right now.

Baby Dress I have plenty to do this, as it’s actually fingering weight yarn on small needles. The pattern is written with English measures.

Otis This is actually going under the Dune collar I made so long ago. I have had the yarn for quite awhile.

Girlfriend Shrug I am seeing this as a companion to the dress above, or to Sherri if I make it dress length.

Pinwheel Sweater Kids version from worsted wool leftovers. This looks like a FUN knit!

Sherri This would be cute in Sierra Quattro if I have leftovers from DD#1’s pullover. Also in the svale.

Mitered Socks This is a blanket from sock scraps, and we know I have plenty of those.

Haiku and Sonnet These look fun, and could be made from anything.

Surplice Sweater I could make this from about anything, too.

Buttonhole Bag Likewise, from any thing feltable.

Making all this would seriously dent the stash. That would justify new yarn for the other things. Right?

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