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Brighter is not always Better

Dh changed the light bulb in our bathroom a couple days ago. Now, we have 2 lights in our bathroom over the sink. For the whole time we’ve lived here, we’ve only ever used ONE of them. Imagine my surprise when I flipped the switch and my eyes were *pierced* by 120 gleaming watts. What makes him think we need so much light? I can brush my teeth in the dark so…………….why can’t he? I wonder if Premier Lighitng Fixtures has any dim bulbs.


Yay me! I got a nap! Man, did I need it. I just got my final chores for the night done. Well, except for drying a load of clothes. I plan to knit on Grandmother’s sock while I watch Mona Lisa Smile tonight with DD#1. Perhaps I can get the heel started, though done would be better.

It’s the last day of the month,so I’ll be putting together the July yarn report tonight or tomorrow. It was a decent month, I think.

OOh, the new Knitpicks yarns are available, and worth a look-see.

Pay Per Post Follow-Up

A few weeks ago, I told you about Well, I am still enjoying working with them. I was one of the first to signup, and over the weekend, I got magic email from them. “You got Paid to Post”. Remember I told you I had re-upped the hosting for the blog? Well, that wasn’t a paid post, but I made the payment with the money they had paid me. I plan to use the rest of the money to pay bills for now, but eventually, it will be used for S.E.X.

Some changes have been made since the earliest days.There is a 3 post per day limit now, and you have to make other entries on your blog, not just paid ones. And I can’t tell out-right which posts are paid. I am almost quit over that one. But the changes are good, I think. I have to take more care in the entries, because I feel a need to give *useable* information. I have to spend some time checking out the sites, so I have something real to say. I am pickier about the posts I’ll write. Some of the advertisers demand you write a positive review. But I’m not gonna lie, so a lot of those get passed by. And If I can’t put that patented Cass-twist on it, you likely won’t read about it.

All in all, it’s an excellent fit for me. I get paid for doing what I would do anyway–sit here pumping milk, surfing on the www– and I get to visit some strange/ interesting/ unusual sites, some of which you hear about, and some you don’t 😉

Sleepy Me

Man, am I sleepy!� Guess who is not sleepy. DD#5 is not sleepy. She is hungry. (Constantly hungry. And weighs 12 pounds. She must be growing again, because she took 37.5ounces yesterday. Today, so far, a meager 19.5.) So I don’t get a nap. Yet. But school is done for the day, with the exception of my group teaching. I may or may not get to that, but I’ll consider it a successful day regardless.

No knitting yet today, but when I get there it will be Grandmother’s sock.

Awwwww, Lookie!

Remember carving the initials of your sweetie on the oak tree? Or the warm rush of finding your own there? Well, true love has entered the digital age. Meadow of Roses is selling cyber-flowers, but with a twist. When you buy a rose, you get to put that rose on their homepage, and the message you put with it can be read by scrolling over the rose. This is such a sweet idea! The whole world can know how you feel.

Roses are available in pink, red, yellow, lavendar and coral in small, medium, and large. Prices range from 3 to 7 bucks, and they guarantee to keep the site up for a year. Yes, they take Paypal. And these won’t start drooping in a few days. Too, too sweet.


to install an update here.

Annnnnnd, we’re up!

Condo Express specializes in resort condo vacations. You can choose from a pretty extensive list of properties, and the prices seem reasonable. The site has several pictures of the condos, so you can get a good feel for the amenities available at each one. Also available–extra nights with paid nights (in Mexico).

A Time for Renewal

It’s not a great spiritual awakening or anything, but I thought I’d let you know that you’ve got me for another year, since I just re-upped my hosting. Another year of wilted wit, plus gumming sarcasm, all for mere clicks per day. And don’t forget the milk.

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