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All hooked up

It’s here! It’s quiet, and it seems fairly quick and efficient. I was heading outside, and there it sat on the steps. I screamed, LOL! And came inside to open and wash it. I’ve used it, and now I am going to go sit in my rocker and work on my 101 things. I am a happy camper :)

#73 and #8 1/33

New phone, courtesy of my mother. Thanks Mama! :)

First of 33 Hats:


but not patiently! I checked with the seller on my pump, and it was mailed from Georgia Tuesday. It could be here today. It really could! But it might not. But it may. We’ll see in a couple hours, since the mailman doesn’t get here til 2 or later.

Oh, noticed a typo on my 101 things list. Repeat 35, which is put photos in albums or scrapbooks should be Repeat 36, which is 48 hours alone. I noticed it this morning when I made cards on the repeating tasks. Today is Thursday, and I really need to be jamming to get the weekly items done, since I want my week to run Sunday-to-Saturday.

The new school books for the boys arrived Tuesday and are still in the unopened box. I need to get those dealt with. I have a few other loose-end type things to deal with today as well, but I have a written list, so I should be able to remember most of it. School is finished for today, and the baby just woke up. I’ll feed her, and then see what’s next.

I went to see Grandmother last night. She’s in a different room now, and I like it better. She just has one room-mate now, and Miss Maybelle is in her right mind. They don’t talk much, seeing as how neither of them can hear, but Grandmother worried about her roomies in the other room, and now she doesn’t.

May Yarn Report

  • hat for DS#3
  • sweater for DS#3
  • square for scrap blanket

Items finished: 3
Balls in:4
Balls out: 3
Not really a stellar month. But the baby looks great!
For June, I’ll need to do 50 more sock rounds, then it’s back up to the top of the page with a ball in each project and 80 sock rounds between. And of course, the stuff off the 101. With the electric pump, I hope to spend alot more time knitting :)

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