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I went to the local thrift store last night, before knitting group, and man did I score! I have a real hard time finding clothes that fit, but last night was an exception. For $29.43, I bought:

  • a pair of shoes for DD#4
  • shorts for DD#4
  • overalls for DD#4
  • dress for DD#4
  • 2 suits for DD#5
  • 2 pairs of shoes for me
  • 3 pairs of slacks for me
  • pair of pants for DD#1

I have grand plans for today. I want to:

  • work 10 rows on the BSJ
  • put a scrap in my squares blanket
  • put buttons on DD#4’s suit (from last year):oops:
  • work on the sleeve of DD#2’s sweater
  • go through my summer clothes
  • write plans for myself and DS#2

Pretty ambitious list, I suppose. Better get cracking!


It musta been a dozen loads or more! I had the children clean their rooms, and OY! the laundry. But the last load of clothes in in the dryer, and the towels are in the washer. I have a load of sheets left, and then dipes. That’s what I’ve been up to since yesterday. And all day today.

Tonight is knitting group. I will take DD#2’s sweater, and maybe the BSJ. DD#3 wants some help now making party invitations, so I am cutting this short :)

Laundry list

Yes, I need to spend time on laundry today. I did not get the BSJ up to row 50, only to 41, so that’s on the list as well. I’ve been pumping all morning, and need to get on school, too. And, I had to dump 2 ounces of milk, because there was blood in it. I was just pumping along, happy as a lark, and looked down and there was blood in the milk. I put in a frantic call to my midwife/LC, and she’s calling around to get some info for me. She doesn’t have a lot of experience with pumping, but she knows women who do. I am surely blessed in her! If you know *anything* about nursing, please continue to read below the cut and give any advice you may have.
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Another Birthday

This is DD#4, who had her second birthday on May 18th. I’m a little late on the announcement.


So, I finished my first book, 1984. I had read this in high school, but have recently assigned it to DD#1 as a book no educated person can not have read. I had forgotten a lot of it. I started it on the computer and finished it in hard copy. It took me about 3 days of off and on reading to get it done. Today was mostly on. I must confess that at the end of Part 3, chapter 5, I slammed the book shut in disgusted anger and went to pluck my eyebrows. But it’s finished now. The picture above will take you to Amazon if you want to get yourself a copy.

Also today, I made myself a little nest where I can sit to pump and work on my 101 things, and teach, and knit and, and, and. It’s possible with a bit of practice that I may even be able to pump and nurse at the same time. This involved moving the bookcase to reach the electrical outlet. That double pumping? Not so good for me. It makes me feel over-touched. So, single it is, but I can be in the thick of family events while I am doing it. I had been sitting at the computer, but………I really need to be in the family mix more.

Tonight I plan to work on the BSJ. I’d like to have it to row 50 before I fall asleep over it 😳


Got the ball in DD#2’s sweater. I’ll be starting the sleeves when I pick it up again. But this afternoon, I plan to work on the baby sweater I started a couple days ago, unless I take a nap. And that is what will most likely happen.

I did some re-arranging on the list to help me keep better track. Weekly stuff at the top, then monthly, then repeaters, then onces.

I am going to take a tip from my friend Fee. Her family never misses church, and they go to mass on Sunday night. So, I am going tonight. I already called a friend to make sure there was service, since I remembered reading in the newsletter that they were doing small groups on Sunday night, but I guess that was a short-term thing. I have instructed those children who are going to be ready at 5:30.

I just heard my bed. It is piteously calling my name. “Ca-aaa-assss”, it says mournfully. I think I better go see what it needs 😉

#2, #11 and #14

have been started :) Well, actually, I am anticipating finishing the ball today, so I will claim it.

DD#4 woke up as I was finishing my bath, and joined me. She loves bubbles. She’s squeaky clean now, since she’d already had one bath this morning. And that’s all I have time to say, since DD#5 has awakened.


My oldest 6 children have gone to Myrtle Beach with my parents. The house is so empty and quiet. I’ll be missing them in a couple of hours, but for now……….it’s nice. I had grand plans to clean the sewing cabinet, but one of my kiddos suggested I take a bubble bath instead. I think he’s a smart cookie, and that’s just what I shall do. Ahhh.

Then I may do the sewing cabinet, or I may not. We’ll have to wait and see. But just now, I am off to be a girly-girl.

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