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No FOs Today

I am close to finishing 2 sweaters and a pair of socks, though. Of course, I guess close is a relative term, now isn’t it?

I cleaned my “nest” today, and have the current projects and balls in the big basket there now. I may get a wild hair and empty that basket before I do anything else. Or not, you know. I do need to make at least one more baby sweater before month’s end, as I have NO CLUE how many babies to expect in the July church newsletter. :) There were none announced in this month’s newsletter, so it may be a bumper crop, LOL!

Well, sitting here trying to think of something to say isn’t getting any knitting done, now is it? And I have an itch to knit just now, so I am outta here.

#8 and #30 and #3

Today, I packed up some hats for The Dulaan Project. That’s not the end of #8, but it’s part of it. I sent a total of 6, including the one I made after this 101 things started.

As for #30: I hemmed 2 pairs of pants this morning, and I am calling SWAP for me done. I can use a red skirt OR a red belt still, but I have plenty to wear without it. The point was to be able to leave the house without embarrassing myself, and that’s been accomplished. And for way less than sewing it all from scratch, LOL!

I may get a pair of socks finished today, as well :)

ETA: I played with my kids, I played with my kids, I played with my kids! We played Thomas and the Magic Railroad. I played with my kids!

4 Months!

DD#5 was 4 months old yesterday. She weighs 11 pounds and 1.6 ounces. Here are some pics! I couldn’t choose just one, so I apologize if you are on dial-up.

Loving Me Some Socks

Last night, I picked up DS#2’s socks. I so enjoyed working on those. Round and round on bamboo dpn’s. Good knitting. I also finished a square on the scrap blanket.

DD#2 and I wound more yarn for her sweater this morning, and I’ll be working on that today unless it gets too hot, in which case, I can pick up something smaller. I have a sleeve almost finished on that, so it should be done soon, if I can keep working on it.

#100, #2

Here is the first baby gift sweater. I’ll block it and add the buttons when I know if it’s for a boy or girl (I put button holes on both sides). Knit with Opal Rainforest Parrot on size 4s. Fits DD#5 at over 11 pounds, but barely.

Now, about #2. My point there was using up my current stash. So, I am editing it to reflect that: “Use up my current stash of 167 balls of yarn.” I’ll post any pics of new yarn under the “helping box”, to keep them separate. This is a bit more than a ball per week, but since all knitting counts, I think it’s still doable, and doesn’t force me to buy new yarn to meet the goal. Some of you probably have noticed that “refrain from yarn purchases” is NOT on the list. 1)I don’t plan to be broke forever, and 2) that’s like saying “learn to live without air”. Not Happening. So.

Some Knitting Content and Prayer

On a knitting blog. I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it? I hope to have picture for you soon of the little BSJ. I have less than 10 rows to go on it.

I’ve also been doing some thinking on my 101 things. Specifically items 2 and 3. If I go with the restriction I added to number 2, I am going to be forcing myself to buy more yarn. That totally defeats the point, which was to bust my stash, so expect some changes there.

And number 3? As you can see, I am having a horrible time with that. I am not a “player” by nature. I enjoy sitting and watching my kids. We watch some shows together, movies and such. But I don’t really play with them that much. I am an only child, you see. I don’t know how to play, unless it’s a board game. And it’s hard to play a board game with 7 kids (DD#5 doesn’t do play either, LOL). The point was to spend time with the children, non-nagging, non-choring, non-schooling time. So you can expect a change there, as well.

It’s my list, and I think it’s ok to change it, as long as I retain the original purposes. Don’t you?

Anyway, I am needing to get some cleaning and schooling done, so I better get to that, so I can move on to the important things. Right after I pump.

Those of you who pray, please pray for my friend Carla’s family. Her sister’s husband, age 25, was killed this morning in an accident on the way to work. He leaves his wife Jill, a five year old, and a baby who will be one in a couple of weeks.

Whine and Cry!

My midwife is having a party today. Well. she’s being celebrating at a party today, because she completed her CPM. Now she lives about 45 miles away, but it’s not a built up area. So, dh had to do a call today, and when he got home, I started getting ready to go. And we talked about what to do with DD#5, and he says to me. “You should leave her here.” So, naturally, I asked why, since I had planned to take her. And he explains that he’s afraid the car will break down, and “you need to take the cell-phone, too”. Sigh. So, I am not even putting 4 other children in that car and driving through No-Man’s-Land.

Can I just vent a minute? I am so tired of living like this. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but I am really growing weary of the constant struggle. Absolutely. Totally. Weary.

Cleaning Day

That’s what we are having around here today. Of the list I posted yesterday, I got my summer clothes sorted and matched, and a scrap in the square. The rest is rolling over, plus some new stuff.

I am doing my clothes in lieu of “swap for me” on the 101 list. I can pick up thrift store pieces to round out my wardrobe lots cheaper than I can buy fabric to start from scratch. In fact, once I find a red skirt or pair of pants, I’ll be done :) I think I’d actually prefer a twill skirt, and if I don’t find something off-the-rack pretty soon, I’ll go ahead and buy fabric to make it. That will get me into red/black/blue for most of my out-of-the-house clothes, and those are my best colors anyway. Of course, it’s not all mix and match, but I like everything I have now, so I’m happy.

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