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See Ya ‘Round, #7, #8

Last night was knitting group, and we had to bid farewell to Patti. She blogs over here. She’s moving away. In fact, she has moved away, since they left this morning.I just love Patti. She’s sweet. Not that sweet of white sugar that leaves you sick to your stomach after a while. But the warm sweet of honey that satisfies your soul. Patti is a Christian and it shows. It shines out all over her. I will miss my friend. So much that I can’t say good-bye, but only “See Ya ‘Round”.

While I was at group, I finished the fairisle hat.

And also worked on DS#2’s socks. I finished them just now. No pic, though. You know the drill. You can see the socks when the set of 4 is finished :)� But I am now halfway there!! This brings me to 12 of 24!!


The fair-isle knitting, that is. I am doing it the hard way, with both colors in one hand. It goes a bit slowly compared to my normal speed. I think it would be much faster with one color in each hand, and I’ll try that next time. But it’s not hard at all. As you recall, that was listed in my planning for 2006, so I’m checking it off :)


8 more partial balls. 😳

Finished Something!

This is DD#2 in her new sweater, knit on 7s, with Cascade Pima Silk and Art Yarns Serenade, about 1100 yards total. Basic top down raglan. I assure you, she likes it. She was dancing with glee last night, before I even had the second button band on it. I guess she’s intimidated by having her picture on the internet or something. What can I say? she’s 12, almost 13.
I had a bit of yarn left, and cast on for a charity hat. I think I am going to do some fair-isle on it. Well, in fact, I know I am. I already pulled the other ball of yarn.

#88, #2

Re-cataloged the stash, and there are new pics up now. Added the yarn from Holy Sheep! into the stash, and got a corrected count of what I actually have. That count had become muddled as DD#1 and I were sharing and trading, etc. She’s gone for the month, and all my yarn is now accounted for. I went from 167 to 211 balls total!! (32 of that came from HSY, 12 from miscounting/sharing/trading partial balls -each partial is now counted as a ball). Better “git knittin'” if I expect to meet that goal #2. Yes, I updated it to account for the truth.
My Favorite of the new pics:

That’s 45 balls of sock yarn, ladies and gents. This is only the stuff not in progress. I have another pic of what I am currently using. Forty-Five. Muhahahahahahahaha! Forty-five balls of sock yarn. That’s like…80 pairs of socks or something.


Went to see Daddy today. We watched the US Open. I asked questions and he explained. My dad played golf for years, but I think this is the first time we have ever talked about it. We agreed that it was pretty snively for grown men, supposed to be the best in the world, to whine about how tough a course is, when they all have to play the same one.


In the interest of truth on the internets, I must report that my item #6 has begun. Today, I went with my mother to Kohl’s. We were there no less than 3 hours PLUS driving time. She tried on forty-eleven billion items of clothing. And she bought A (one, singular, solitary) cardigan.

Gas: $5.67
Cardigan: $12.78
Time with my mother: Priceless

Nanog promotes transfer of pluripotency after cell fusion : Nature

Nanog promotes transfer of pluripotency after cell fusion : Nature

Embryonic stem cells, minus the baby-killing part??

H/T Tammy Bruce

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