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That little gal who called me on a political poll last night

I’ll skip the NYT right now, cause I just don’t have the time, and it’s hard to be a good mom when you have allowed yourself to get full of venom first thing in the morning.

Mama asked me to make (more) socks for Grandmother. Well, she specifically stated I could use my scraps to do so. She has no idea how long it take to get enough scraps to make a pair of socks! And Grandmother is NINETY-FIVE. She shall have another pair of socks alright, but they will be from whole yarn, and they will be cast on today. Yep, my Grandmother gets to move to the head of the line, ba-bee.

Fair-isle:I think I have decided to practice on another hat. Last time I picked colors that were pretty close so that if I messed it up, it would not be so bad. This time, I am going to use contrasting colors, and an actual geometric pattern, which I will have to come up with, but I can guarantee it will be simple, like shapes.

Gal called me last night for a political poll. Unfortunately for her, I was hooked up to the pump. I had NOWHERE TO GO. Bwahahahahahahah. So, not only did I answer her questions, but I EXPLAINED my answers. In detail. With the reasoning behind them. But maybe it wasn’t so unfortunate after all, because she thanked me at the end, and not the trite thanks either. A departure from the script thanks. A thanks for the best call I’ve had all month thanks. A you taught me something thanks.

Ok, back to the times thing: One of the questions had to do with a local candidate promising to end “secret meetings” and if I thought that was a good reason to vote for him. And I answered “No”, and then I explained thusly: We are at war. We are at war and some secrets just have to be kept for now. Thank you very much NYT for telling the enemy everything we know about them. Really appreciate you!

I have more to say on that, but you get my drift, I am sure. And I do need to be kind to my kids today, after all.

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