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Laundry list

Yes, I need to spend time on laundry today. I did not get the BSJ up to row 50, only to 41, so that’s on the list as well. I’ve been pumping all morning, and need to get on school, too. And, I had to dump 2 ounces of milk, because there was blood in it. I was just pumping along, happy as a lark, and looked down and there was blood in the milk. I put in a frantic call to my midwife/LC, and she’s calling around to get some info for me. She doesn’t have a lot of experience with pumping, but she knows women who do. I am surely blessed in her! If you know *anything* about nursing, please continue to read below the cut and give any advice you may have.

For those who may know more than I do about this: I am not swollen or sore. I do think I see a small scrape on the n*pple. The bleeding was not constant, it started after I had pumped the 2 ounces (duh, cause I stopped when I noticed I was bleeding). I am pumping this one more than I have been, since it’s the one that doesn’t produce as much. I am double pumping in spite of what I said yesterday, since it doesn’t make me feel “over-touched” if I am sitting in the rocker instead of in front of the computer. And I just keep the pump on until I am through with the other side. Umm, what else do you need to know?? Oh, out of total production of 26-28 ounces per day, I get maybe 4 from this side.

ETA: I’ve had a successful pump now. There is no scrape currently visible. There was a small “chunk” in the milk I dumped.

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