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#88, #2

Re-cataloged the stash, and there are new pics up now. Added the yarn from Holy Sheep! into the stash, and got a corrected count of what I actually have. That count had become muddled as DD#1 and I were sharing and trading, etc. She’s gone for the month, and all my yarn is now accounted for. I went from 167 to 211 balls total!! (32 of that came from HSY, 12 from miscounting/sharing/trading partial balls -each partial is now counted as a ball). Better “git knittin'” if I expect to meet that goal #2. Yes, I updated it to account for the truth.
My Favorite of the new pics:

That’s 45 balls of sock yarn, ladies and gents. This is only the stuff not in progress. I have another pic of what I am currently using. Forty-Five. Muhahahahahahahaha! Forty-five balls of sock yarn. That’s like…80 pairs of socks or something.

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