sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Got the ball in DD#2’s sweater. I’ll be starting the sleeves when I pick it up again. But this afternoon, I plan to work on the baby sweater I started a couple days ago, unless I take a nap. And that is what will most likely happen.

I did some re-arranging on the list to help me keep better track. Weekly stuff at the top, then monthly, then repeaters, then onces.

I am going to take a tip from my friend Fee. Her family never misses church, and they go to mass on Sunday night. So, I am going tonight. I already called a friend to make sure there was service, since I remembered reading in the newsletter that they were doing small groups on Sunday night, but I guess that was a short-term thing. I have instructed those children who are going to be ready at 5:30.

I just heard my bed. It is piteously calling my name. “Ca-aaa-assss”, it says mournfully. I think I better go see what it needs 😉

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