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Weeding it out

After I posted yesterday afternoon, I did make one more pass through the bins, reducing the stuff to just one bin!!

    I want to go through once more today,

    then onto the kitchen counter which is making me nuts,
    get my card box back in order (yes, I fell off the wagon) and do the pressing things from that,
    finish the ball in DD#2’s sweater,
    and 10 rounds in each sock in progress for which I have a row counter
    I’ll also have the children do a good pick-up on the living room.

    Some of that knitting may flow into tomorrow.

Yay Me!!

The last load of regular laundry is in the washer, just need to do dipes after that. AND!!!! I did a first sort on the game cabinet stuff, and reduced the pile from 4 bins to 1.5. That’s all I’ll be able to do today, since all my “helpers” are up again. That’s ok, there’s still plenty else to do.

Ay yi yi!

It’s afternoon, and I am finally ready to do something beyond laundry. Not that it’s finished, but it’s going!

My new student is going to be an interesting teach. She knows the basics, but has yet to finish a project. She has a great attitude, though, and I am sure she will do just fine. OTOH, I had to rip out my short rows again!! She said to me “Teachers are not supposed to make mistakes.” I just grinned at her, and said, “the difference between the teacher and the student is” and we both chimed in with “the teacher knows how to fix it.” Yep, she’ll do just fine.

So! On to the game cabinet again. I’ll keep the trash can handy :)

If I had a boatload of money

I’d spend it all today. I’d shop and shop and shop. I’d shop to proclaim that I am proud to be an American, and I will not be blackmailed into submission by those who are not. I’d shop to proclaim that I am proud of my heritage, too. I’d shop.

Immigrants, please come. Please come legally, and I’ll welcome you with open arms. We cannot get away from the truth that this country was founded on immigration. Please come and say you want to learn our language, you want to live in a free country, you want to be one of us. Please come, and obey our laws, and become citizens.

I’m just saying is all.

Monday Again!

Tonight I have class :) I still need to do the other sweater front up to the neck shaping, but it’s just 20 rows. I’ll have a student tonight who has not been able to come to the previous 2 classes, so I’ll be working to get her caught up after I get the other student going on this week’s work.

Today, I am planning to continue the laundry–just can’t get ahead of that one. Even as I finish the last load, I look around and there are 10 people wearing clothes that will need to be washed :) I will also work some more on the game cabinet.

DH had an awesome call load this morning, so I will not be able to get more books out of the shed. The bins are heavy and stacked high, so I need his help. Oh, and I’ll need to call him to remind him that I am teaching, so get on home in time for me to go.

I did not tell ya’ll this, and I think it’s funny so I will. In my bathroom, on the chest near the potty, you will find: DH’s book, DD#1’s book and my sock. I have become a bathroom knitter, LOL! Hey, whatever it takes. The sock grows by a couple rounds a day, so it’s all good.

Well, DD#5 is warming up, so that’s it for now.

April Yarn Report

# socks for me
# socks for DD#2
# sock for DD#5
# socks for DD#4

Items finished: 3.5
Balls out: 14
Balls in: 5

Goals for May: a ball into each of the larger projects and finishing this set of socks

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