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Boring Update

Class was good last night, though only one student came. She is really zooming through her sweater! I finished the ball in my lace sweater while she was working on hers, and scheduled a couple more classes.

I re-did the cabinet after-all. I suppose the next task is going through the rest of the books in the school area. I’ll get that done this week, I reckon, then we can bring in the rest from the shed.

I did try to start another sock last night, using regular sock yarn on a 12 inch addi again. After fighting a couple rounds of ribbing, I pulled it out, and I’ll try again when I am not so tired. Whenever that will occur when I also am able to sit and knit is beyond me, but one feels compelled to plan anyway.

The ladies at the yarn store are doing a wallaby knit-a-long. I must say, the sweater is growing on me, though I was not impressed at first. But how stinking cute would my family look showing up en masse in hand knit wallabies?? DD#1 has volunteered to help me make them! We’ll see.

Still turning the heel on my sock, started the foot of another. End of update.

Today’s Offerings: Cookbooks

COOKBOOKS! That link will take you to all my auctions, but today I listed cookbooks. I had many that I had never used. Now I will have fewer, and more cabinet space to boot! It’s a win/win proposition. I’ll be going in there to see how best to use that space in just a bit. It is the truth that putting this many people and all their stuff in a normal sized house does present it’s challenges. For instance, I can remember, oh so long ago, when I thought buying the extra set of dishes, so I’d have service for 8 seemed a frivolous luxury. Now, I buy dish sets 3 at a time, 4 if I can get it. Somehow 16 plates don’t go as far for 10 as 4 went for 2 :)

I fell asleep over my knitting last night, but did get a few more rounds done on my sleeve before making myself go to bed.

Well, time to go put that cabinet back into use!

I Was Just Kidding

About all that casting on stuff, ykwim? See, yesterday DH was taking DD#2 and DD#3 to my cousins, where they were all going to spend the night. All the DSs were going to a birthday party. That left DD#1 and myself to handle 2 babies. Easy, peasy. And so naturally, I planned to knit, knit and knit.

Well, here’s what really happened. I pumped all day because DD#5 was having herself a right regular spasm. All day crying jag. Eat, vomit, etc. Finally in desperation I swaddled her around 9pm. I just wanted to get her immobilized so I could calm her down, so she could eat without puking. Well, apparently she likes being swaddled still, cause she shut right up, relaxed and fell asleep. Around 10, I was able to turn my attention to other things, namely laundry (I did 3 or 4 loads by 2AM), which I started, and then pumped and then DD#5 needed fed. So, finally at midnight, we had both babies down, and I could finally knit. Oops, the yarn I needed for the new projects was IN THE BEDROOM WITH THE BABIES. No way, no how. And I was too brain dead to tackle something new anyway. So, I cast-on for the second sleeve of my lace sweater, and got through the lace on it. Now it’s boring stockinette with increases every four rounds, great for tv watching.

I did re-think the GAAA in Furlana. Our blankets get used alot. As in, all the kids love to snuggle in them. And when they are sick, they love it even more. Rule number one around here for afghans and the like: Must Be WASHABLE. No Furlana. So, while it would be super cool to do that blanket, it will have to wait until I have moved through the stash on hand, and may wait forever. It’s not a high priority at this point.

In sock news, I have DS#2s socks ready to start the foot, DH needs to try his on, and I am working the heel of mine. Moving that sock to the bathroom was the best. Move. Ever.

Ok, I have pumped for a couple hours now while playing Mahjong. I need to get the laundry going again, and then knit a bit. I have auctions closing today, and I will be packing that stuff up as payments come in. I think we will be ok as far as the mortgage. Nonetheless, I am planning to continue to list stuff on ebay and put the proceeds toward the house. I NEVER want to be in this position again. It interferes with my digestion.

Starting things

Yep, I am. I’m gonna start a few more things today, with the stash I have definite plans for. The Svale is going to become a sweater for me, an adaptation of a pattern written for Reynolds Ole, and the Sierra is going to become a dress set for DD#5. The Dublin Tweed will be started in the sweater for SIL. I figure to use up a ball per month in each project, and the most I have of anyone thing is the Tweed at 16 balls. And then, yes, I’ll be buying for each project. OH! The Furlana will become a Great American Aran Afghan, I think (I have to buy the pattern.) There are 20 balls of that. That’s the agenda for today. I’ll go at it until I run out of needles :) And I’ll post pics later tonight or tomorrow of my progress!

The Living Room Won

and I even listed some knitting books!
Books, books, and more books!

I just have one more set of shelves in the living room proper, but I doubt there’s much on that set to get rid of.

Elsie, Bessie, Suki, Whatever

You can just call me one of those names, whichever one brings to mind a milk cow for ya. All I’ve done so far today, since waking at 7:30 is nurse or pump. Someone is nearing three months, would you say? Someone thinks they are starving to death. Someone has 4 chins, but continues to protest what they consider a lack of food stuffs. Someone. Wants. More. NOW.

I did get that bookshelf culled yesterday, and listed a few more books on ebay. I am trying to decide whether to continue to the next set of shelves in the living room, or purge some cookbooks today. Of course Someone (see above) may prevent either of those things from happening.

Random Thoughts

On Stash: It sure would help my space crunch not to have so much. I wonder……..would it be possible to only buy yarn for projects I am ready to start? Not now, I mean, but later? Like, except sock yarn, cause it’s so stinking cute What I have discovered is that it takes me forever to find a suitable project for pre-bought yarn. I thought it would help to have yarn so I could start something when inspiration struck, but it’s rare that what I want to make can be done with yarn on hand. Oh well, the point is moot right now, but it bears thinking about.

On organizing: No, the kitchen counter did not get done. Again. But today, I plan to work in the living room, building on my momentum from the game cabinet victory. As I sort, I’ll be looking for things to put on ebay. No need to keep stuff I’ll never use.

On knitting: I did get the ball in DD#2’s sweater, and also 10 rounds and a heel in one sock, plus a few rounds in another. I will just do my “10 rounds per sock” as 80 rounds, mostly in one pair. Clever, eh? Heels count as 20 rounds. BTW, the sock report: 9/24 done.

On today’s goals: Cull one bookcase, and finish the sock rounds from yesterday–hey, I told you it would flow over, right?

I Won!!

But I am such a loser, I have to post a pic to prove it!

The bins are empty, and if I don’t get another thing accomplished today, I feel fine :)

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