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Boyds For Sale

Please feel free to make offers on these pieces. No reasonable offer refused!!!

Felicity Angelbliss Wee Folkstone PE/2885 QVC $35
Grandma Faeriehugs Wee Folkstone 1E/6999 $25
Cocoa M. Angelrich and Scoop Wee Folkstone Music Box 1E/1660 $40
Luna the Light of the Silvery Moon Folkstone 3e/696 $20
Isabella Follow Your Heart’s Desire Folkstone Jan/8138 $40
Confidentia “No-tell” Faeriewhisper Wee Folkstone 2E/4419 $30
Henry K. Wallstreet Wee Folkstone 1E/2828 $30
Autumn L. Faeriefrost Wee Folkstone 1E/1303 $30
Rememberance Y. Angelflyte Wee Folkstone 1E/5568 $30
Immaculata T. Faerieburg Wee Folkstone 8E/3912 $20
Flossie Faeriefloss Canadian Wee Folkstone C5569 $30
Esrudious “Cram” Faeriebaum Wee Folkstone 6E/1513 $20
Ann and Abby Angelstitch Wee Folkstone Jan/8539 LE 1999 $35
Mangianata “Nosh” J. Faeriechild Wee Folkstone 5E/9418 $20
Cerebella “Smarty” Faerienoggin Wee Folkstone PE/2306 of 3600 $30
Flossie Faeriefloss Wee Folkstone 1E/5133 $30
“Kristabell” Faeriefrost Wee Folkstone 1E/3725 $30
Tuxworth J. Angelman Wee Folkstone 1E/2079 $30
Nana Angelbless with Peekins Wee Folkstone 2E/5617 $25
Ms. McFrazzle Daycare Extraordinaire Folkstone 1E/1172 $30
Laverne B. Bowler Folkstone 2E/2450 $20
Ms McFrazzle On the Job Musical Waterglobe Folkstone 1E/1568 $50
Iown Payne Folkstone GCC $25
Bearly Nick and Buddies Folkstone 13E/2714 $20
Constance and Felicity Folkstone 1997 LE 11881 $65
Beatrice the Birthday Angel Folkstone 11e/2175 $20
Liddy Pearl Waterglobe Folkstone PE/679 $70
Betty Cocker Folkstone 7e/2817 $35
Illumina Angel of Light Folkstone 3E/2115 $30
Auntie CoCoa M. Maximus Folkstone 1E/1930 $30
Luminette The light of the Silvery Moon GM’s Choice Folkstone 2172/20000 $35
Birdie Hole in One Folkstone 1E/79 $30
Execunick the Firdt Global Businessman Folkstone 5e/567 $20
Athena the Wedding Angel Folkstone 23E/2340 $20
Liddy Pearl Folkstone LE 1998 8343/18000 $45
Slicknick the Chimney sweep Folkstone 12E/3384 $20
Too-Loose Folkstone 5E/974 $20
Sparky McPlug Folkstone 11E/2221 $25
Myrtle Believe Folkstone 13E/1517 $20
Astrid Isinglass Folkstone 2475/12000 $40
Krystal Isinglass Folkstone 19E/1869 $20
NaNick of the North Folkstone 10E/2471 $20
Siegfried and Egon the Sign Folkstone 3E/404 $30
Nicholas with Book of Lists Folkstone 11E/1490 $20
Peacenick Folkstone GCC Exclusive 1E/2148 $35
Francoise and Suzanne Folkstone PE/2344 $30
Honker T. Flatfoot Folkstone 7E/3901 $20
Ms. Fries Folkstone GCC Early Release PE/3172 $30


Ms. Libearty FOB piece 1998 $40
Union Jack Love Letters 19E/1377 $15
Tessa, Ben and Cissie A sign of the Times 1E/3307 $20
Alexandra and Belle Telephone Tied 2E/2349 $15
Elvira and Chauncey Fizbruin Waterglobe Musical 2E/1507 $35
S.S. Noah The Ark 3E/4183 $40
THB Work is Love Made Visible LE 1998 Jan/3756 $90
Sunny and Sally Berriweather Plant with Hope FOB piece 1999 $35
Elizabeth with Rosencrantz and Guilderstern FOB piece 1998 $40
Victoria Regina Buzzbruin FOB 1999 $30
Daphne and Eloise 27E/216 $15
Victoria Regina Musiacal Waterglobe 2E/1957 $55
Prissie, Sissie and Missie FOB piece 2000 $40
Gary, Tina, Matt and Bailey LE 1999 March/2003 $70
Member Kit 1999 $60
Member Kit 1996 $60
Sparky and the Box QVC PE/1163 $25
Mrs. Bruin Afternoon Tea (mug) $5
FOB Plush 1999 Hope, Love, Joy $30
Jacques Grenouille (no box) $10
Jeremy as Noah the Ark Builder 3E/6017 $15
Noah’s Toolbox FOB 1E/1207 $15
Bernice as Mrs. Noah 3E/5905 $15
Louella and Hedda the Secret 25E/1329 $15
Louella and Hedda the Secret Musicbox 4E/645 $50
Noah’s Genius at Work Table FOB 3E/5981 $15
Stretch and Skye Longnecker the Lookouts 3E/6646 $15
Greenville and Neville the Sign TBC93 $20
Bailey the Cheerleader 16E/3481 $11
Velma Q. Berriweather FOB 1997 $50
Berriweather’s Cottage FOB 1998 $35
Elliot the Hero Plaque GCC Eclusive $20
Daphne the Reader Hare 18E/818 $15
Daphne and Eloise Musical 2E/1042 $40
Otis the Fisherman 28E/20 $15
Eddie Proud to be an American 2E/752 $20
Bailey The Night Before Christmas Musical 3E/1736 $45
Judge Griz Hissonah Bearstone 10E/1571 $15
Bailey as the Bride Bearstone GCC Edition $15
Clara the Nurse Bearstone 67E/874 $15
Clarence Angel Bear Bearstone 13E/2840 $40
Santa’s Challenge Bearstone 4E/613 $40
The Collector Waterball Bearstone 3E/2378 $50
Caren B. Bearlove Bearstone GCC Exclusive $15
Mrs. Tuttle Stop and Smell the Roses Bearstone 2E/1432 $25
Elgin the Elf Bear Bearstone 21E/3534 $20
Sebastian and Nicholas The Lost Ball Votive Bearstone 6E/2794 $25

Let’s see

I got the ebay stuff packed, except the Boyds. I need DH to pick up some flat-rate priority mail boxes for me, and bring the pieces back in from the shed.

I got the knitting done on DS#3s sweater, it just needs the ends woven in and buttons. I started the matching hat, so ya’ll should be seeing that pretty soon.

I didn’t get anymore socks finished, though mine is pretty close. It resides in the bathroom again :)

I have a “sick” DS#2. He’s just sick enough to remind me how sick he is every 5 minutes. I think I hear a cry for attention more than anything else, so I’ll need to attention him this afternoon.

Also, catch the laundry back up (just a couple loads, and I now have a laundry helper), do some more organizing of the school books, work a bit in my room and bath (10 minutes should do it), and also in the kitchen (counter still needs doing).

Class was fun last night. The student had finished her sweater, and started a second one during class time. Carla, I finally scored a ball of original opal petticoat. I almost bought some of the new ones, but did not. I ordered them online instead at a really good deal.

Mother’s Day was wonderful. My uncle brought Grandmother from the nursing home to her house. She seemed so pleased to be home with the family gathered around again. It tired her out, for sure, but I think she thought it was worth it.

I got lounge wear/pajamas that I selected and bought myself. DH was glad of that as he had to work on Saturday.

I think that about catches us up, right? Sorry for yesterday’s silence. The day just got away from me. I was determined to post today, cause I know my vast readership just hangs on my every word. 😛

3 months, 9 pounds and 13 ounces

Yes, I have other children. Here is one of them, DD#4

DDs #1, 3 and 4

DDs #2 and 5

And my 3 sons(just like TV)


I did it. I released myself from the overwhelming burden of having to read all those wonderful, good books to my children. And they were sooooooo excited to be introduced to the quiet time shelf. Oh, never fear, you lovely reading readers, you. I don’t plan to stop reading to the children, but now I can concentrate on reading to them stuff they can’t read/can’t read and comprehend at the same time. This may be the single best schooling decision I have ever made, and today I am really grateful to accept that I just can’t do it all. Sometimes the good really does get in the way of the great. Perhaps without feeling like I have to cram all this reading in, I can take more time to just enjoy being with my children. Thank you, Lord. I’m breathing a big sigh, but its a sigh of relief.

Next up, folding a couple loads of laundry, and that kitchen counter.

Happy Birthday, DS#1

You are 8 years old today! You get to give up going to bed at quiet time. You get to be a helper instead of a helped.

I am most pleased to report that the milk appears to be back. I had not mentioned it, because I did not want to admit it even to myself, but I had been having a real hard time pumping and keeping up with the baby’s appetite. Yesterday, for the first time in over a week, I felt like I had to pump or burst several times, the milk came readily and I actually pumped more than she ate. Perhaps that means I can accomplish more than just feeding the baby.

Today, I have a couple loads of laundry. I want to work on book organization and ………oh, I guess that’s about it. I may start some planning for school, as I am ready for the Birthday Boy to begin serious work on Year 1 of Ambleside. We’ve been playing at it for a year or so, but it’s time to get serious. Life just gets so complicated at 8. I do need to pack out some books, so I’ll take care of that first.

ETA: dang kitchen counter!

Continuing to Run-On

Most of the listings ended, but I haven’t done any packing out yet, but I did get the rest of the listings done, and kept the laundry going, and then checked with DDs on school, and DD#3 does need plans, but DD#2 has about 4-5 weeks left, and I’ve been thinking about all those books, and I just have more really good books than I can ever read/assign so I think I’ll put them on a shelf and designate it the “quiet time shelf”, that’ll help with feeling more organized, and I still have not done the kitchen counter or knit a stitch, so I am glad I’m going to see Grandmother, cause I can knit there, and, oh BTW, Claire called me and the Opal Petticoat is in, AND they now have knitting groups every Wednesday night!

And I need to put some lotion on my burning legs, and do you know my AC coils have a TON of ice on them. No wonder its so hot in here!

Run-on Sentence

15 auctions end today so, I hope to be in a frenzy of packing, and then I have another stack of books to list, but I really need to get all the laundry done and I got the heel turned on my sock and I’ll take it because I’m going to see Grandmother tonight, but also I want to clean the kitchen counter off and DD#3 is almost finished with year 3 of Ambleside and nowhere near ready for year 4, so I need to figure out what to do with her and I need to get plans together for DD#2 but I need to order some books for her, too, but that will wait a bit, and I need to get myself organized enough to resume group lessons on Monday.

There you have it, a look into the mind of Cass.

Year 5

DD#2 is almost ready for Year 5 of Ambleside. I just printed off the book list, and I’ll be pulling books for that, and making a list of what we still need today. Hopefully most of what we don’t have will be available on-line. I’ll need to get her lesson plans written up as well. That will be an interesting trick, since I usually hyper-focus on that task over a weekend. It’s hard to hyper-focus and pump, iykwim.

I just cannot seem to get a grip yet on what I need to do. It has been a delicate balancing act for years to keep us functioning smoothly, but just now I feel like a juggler riding a uni-cycle on the high-wire. For instance: I used to never have to touch laundry after noon. Now, I am doing it at all hours of the night. I know this will pass, but it’s hard to see that in the middle of the chaos. Enough whining :)

The radio is on a local country station, and Wednesday is apparently “classics day”. I’ve heard more Johnny Cash this morning than the past month. I’m loving it. I guess I’m a classic now, too, since I know all the songs. There are plenty worse things to be I suppose.

DD#5 is trying to smile. The faces she makes as she struggles to master this skill are so cute. I could stare at her for hours, I think, did I not hear the siren song of the urgent.

I have no knitting news to report. I haven’t even finished my heel, though I expect to do so today.

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