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Giving it up

The hand-pump that is. Facts to face–
1)DD#5 is now too lazy and spoiled to nurse normally.

2)She must eat and I want her to have the best, and that’s breast.

3)My other children also need a mom.

4)Spending 6plus hours (I think it’s really more like 8, but who’s counting) a day pumping is no longer feasible.

5)You can find anything on eBay.

6)I won a Medela PIS for $63 shipped. I’ll be paying for it as soon as I scrape $5 more paypal together OR Friday which is payday, whichever comes first. (Please God, let it work, and let it be all the reviews say it is: Quiet, Strong and Fast.)

7)Since I now will have all this extra time, can I possibly hope to a)sleep? b)eat? c)potty? d)SHOWER? e)feed, change, cuddle and otherwise care for my own baby? f)cook? g)clean?

8)Doubtful, see #3.

Off to find some soap and water now.

Whoa! Look at That!

So, I was “teaching” DS#2, who is 6, this morning. Just on a lark, I told him to read the story problem in his math book. And. he. did. And then, I handed him a first grade primer, opened to the middle and said “read it”. And. he. did. Folks, my boy reads way better than I have taught him. He is WELL beyond where we are in the phonics book. As in, he read “Three bees buzzed………….” and “Peter said. ‘I see something little’.” I thought we were still on short vowel words. It looks like while I was busy getting settled into life with a new baby, the other kids continued adding to their skills without me. I wonder if DS#3 taught himself physics yet.

BTW, I finished his sweater and hat (DS#3), but you’ll have to wait on a pic while I recharge the batteries.

Now, back to school issues. I don’t push my kids anymore on reading. We just work slow and steady once they express interest. Interest here does not mean looks at books. It means actually saying to me “I want to read”. And that’s when I start school. And it obviously works. I am sitting here amazed at the reading bomb that has exploded in the heads of these boys. I now understand why they are not doing as well in phonics anymore. They are bored senseless now, LOL! Time for me to back up 50 paces and PUNT!


Well, so far today I have done school with 2 students, gotten the laundry machines going, pumped and broken my desk chair. I am off to a whiz-bang day :)

We did not do group work this morning as 3 kiddos had doc appointments. Everyone checked out ok, and DD#4 gets to come off one of her meds. Er, that’s great doc, but you should see how cute she is saying “pee-il, pee-il, pee-il”. Tonight, her little heart will break when there is no “pee-il”.

DD#5 now weighs a whopping 10 pounds and 9.6 ounces. I went and got yet another pump yesterday, because the other ones just didn’t seem to be pulling like they used to. If I had weighed her BEFORE I went for the pump, I mighta just stayed home. The pump is working fine, she’s just greedy. LOL! You’ve read about her chins, but this morning as she was nursing, I was studying her, as mother’s do. That child has a ROLL of FAT on the back of her neck. A ROLL OF FAT! ON THE BACK OF HER NECK. Not small. Large!! On the back of her neck!! Yeah, she gets plenty to eat.

Now, then. Ebay cancelled my boyds auction, for reasons I still do not understand. I have emailed them to find out more about that.

What else?? Hmm, can’t think of anything ya’ll would be interested in, and I have a long to-do list today. Notice I am sparing you that. So, I need to get to it.

Ha! Ha! Hee!

He’s too smart for me. I just have to report here that DS#1 is way beyond the readers I had planned to assign him. He’ll be moving right into grade 2 readers. I do believe he’ll even be able to do some of his Ambleside readings himself. Unfortunately for me, that means his lesson plans are NOT finished. And he needs some books!

More books

DH brought in the rest of the books, so I’ll be busy with that over the next few days. Yesterday, I wrote out goals for DD#3, and need to flesh those out into plans. And I have a mountain of clean laundry to put away. It never ends, does it? I will knit again one day. Really!


I spilledcoffeeonmykeyboard. It didnotlikethat. NowIhavethiscrappyonethatonlyspacebarswhenitwantsto. I’llbebacktomorrowwitha realone.

International Day of Spam

Geez! After deleting 40 comments at one time, plus the ones I did earlier this morning, I’ve set the comments to be moderated, unless you have previously posted. Just doing my part to spare us all mystery meat on the bloggity blog.

I wrote lesson plans for DS#1 last night. Next up: goal setting for DD#3, which will in turn translate to lesson plans.

I have a slew of auctions closing today, so I’ll be hopping!


The kitchen counter met it’s fate last night. WHY on earth can I not throw junk mail away when it hits the door? WHY do I feel compelled to let it season, like yarn in the stash?

So then this morning, I went through the stack of bills I pulled out of there, and was pleased that most things are caught up, though a couple did get buried in the pile and forgotten. I’m a screaming genius, I guess.

Yesterday I got the books that remained on the school shelf sorted some more. I am now at the point that I am ready to start making some serious notes. The notes will lead to the actual planning. I bought notebooks for that the other night.

Knitting yesterday: just a few rounds on my sock-in-the-bathroom. But I started the ribbing this morning!

I made a page with the remaining boyds resin I have for sale. The link is in the right sidebar.

I’ll not be going to knitting group tonight, I don’t think, as DH is working until about 6.

Just so you know, ya’ll, I do still have a brain. I do still think. I just lack time to post about it coherently. But here is a stab on immigration.

I’ve been thinking about the cheap labor part, mostly the agricultural workers. Somehow it really seems to me that illegal workers are taken advantage of. The bosses know the workers can’t complain about wages or working conditions, or anything else for that matter. That’s…..not right. It’s wrong for them to be here illegally, but its also wrong for them to be taken advantage of. A man ought to receive a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. Period. Maybe if the pay were more reasonable, Americans would do the work, ykwim?

And I have to say, I am really disappointed in the Prez for his lack of an actual plan to deal with this issue. This junk about “path to citizenship” needs to go. Let’s try this, instead: You go home. We won’t keep a record of you ever being here. You can start over from Mexico, and this time do it legally. But for now, get out. And if our plan doesn’t suit you, stay out. Done.

Ok, was that coherent? Probably not, but it’s as organized as I can get my thoughts right now. The baby just woke up :)

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