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Stressed Again

So, muddling along financially, but finally thinking there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Then Dh called. The tranny that had been slipping in drive is now refusing to move the van forward at all. Cost of repair: $1200. HA! We didn’t pay that much for the thing to begin with, and certainly cannot fork it over now. He’s getting the $70-but-probably-won’t-work-stop-gap-measure-only instead.

It’s a few minutes til 2, and I am just getting my day started. No, I did not sleep late. In fact, I got up before my normal time, engorged and in incredible pain. I’ve been pumping since 830, with a few potty breaks, and one longer break to actually nurse and then bottle the baby. But I don’t hurt anymore, 17 ounces later lighter. I paid for that new-to-me pump last night, and boy will I be glad when it gets here! Then you will get to hear me raving about how wonderful it is. Unless it doesn’t work, in which case you will actually be able to HEAR me scream, not just read that I did scream.

Now, I am off to deal with my stress by cleaning. There’s the usual mountain of laundry, numerous bins of books, and the normal detritus caused by family of 10.

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