sticks, beads and strings
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Random Thoughts

On Stash: It sure would help my space crunch not to have so much. I wonder……..would it be possible to only buy yarn for projects I am ready to start? Not now, I mean, but later? Like, except sock yarn, cause it’s so stinking cute What I have discovered is that it takes me forever to find a suitable project for pre-bought yarn. I thought it would help to have yarn so I could start something when inspiration struck, but it’s rare that what I want to make can be done with yarn on hand. Oh well, the point is moot right now, but it bears thinking about.

On organizing: No, the kitchen counter did not get done. Again. But today, I plan to work in the living room, building on my momentum from the game cabinet victory. As I sort, I’ll be looking for things to put on ebay. No need to keep stuff I’ll never use.

On knitting: I did get the ball in DD#2’s sweater, and also 10 rounds and a heel in one sock, plus a few rounds in another. I will just do my “10 rounds per sock” as 80 rounds, mostly in one pair. Clever, eh? Heels count as 20 rounds. BTW, the sock report: 9/24 done.

On today’s goals: Cull one bookcase, and finish the sock rounds from yesterday–hey, I told you it would flow over, right?

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