sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Let’s see

I got the ebay stuff packed, except the Boyds. I need DH to pick up some flat-rate priority mail boxes for me, and bring the pieces back in from the shed.

I got the knitting done on DS#3s sweater, it just needs the ends woven in and buttons. I started the matching hat, so ya’ll should be seeing that pretty soon.

I didn’t get anymore socks finished, though mine is pretty close. It resides in the bathroom again :)

I have a “sick” DS#2. He’s just sick enough to remind me how sick he is every 5 minutes. I think I hear a cry for attention more than anything else, so I’ll need to attention him this afternoon.

Also, catch the laundry back up (just a couple loads, and I now have a laundry helper), do some more organizing of the school books, work a bit in my room and bath (10 minutes should do it), and also in the kitchen (counter still needs doing).

Class was fun last night. The student had finished her sweater, and started a second one during class time. Carla, I finally scored a ball of original opal petticoat. I almost bought some of the new ones, but did not. I ordered them online instead at a really good deal.

Mother’s Day was wonderful. My uncle brought Grandmother from the nursing home to her house. She seemed so pleased to be home with the family gathered around again. It tired her out, for sure, but I think she thought it was worth it.

I got lounge wear/pajamas that I selected and bought myself. DH was glad of that as he had to work on Saturday.

I think that about catches us up, right? Sorry for yesterday’s silence. The day just got away from me. I was determined to post today, cause I know my vast readership just hangs on my every word. 😛

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