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I Was Just Kidding

About all that casting on stuff, ykwim? See, yesterday DH was taking DD#2 and DD#3 to my cousins, where they were all going to spend the night. All the DSs were going to a birthday party. That left DD#1 and myself to handle 2 babies. Easy, peasy. And so naturally, I planned to knit, knit and knit.

Well, here’s what really happened. I pumped all day because DD#5 was having herself a right regular spasm. All day crying jag. Eat, vomit, etc. Finally in desperation I swaddled her around 9pm. I just wanted to get her immobilized so I could calm her down, so she could eat without puking. Well, apparently she likes being swaddled still, cause she shut right up, relaxed and fell asleep. Around 10, I was able to turn my attention to other things, namely laundry (I did 3 or 4 loads by 2AM), which I started, and then pumped and then DD#5 needed fed. So, finally at midnight, we had both babies down, and I could finally knit. Oops, the yarn I needed for the new projects was IN THE BEDROOM WITH THE BABIES. No way, no how. And I was too brain dead to tackle something new anyway. So, I cast-on for the second sleeve of my lace sweater, and got through the lace on it. Now it’s boring stockinette with increases every four rounds, great for tv watching.

I did re-think the GAAA in Furlana. Our blankets get used alot. As in, all the kids love to snuggle in them. And when they are sick, they love it even more. Rule number one around here for afghans and the like: Must Be WASHABLE. No Furlana. So, while it would be super cool to do that blanket, it will have to wait until I have moved through the stash on hand, and may wait forever. It’s not a high priority at this point.

In sock news, I have DS#2s socks ready to start the foot, DH needs to try his on, and I am working the heel of mine. Moving that sock to the bathroom was the best. Move. Ever.

Ok, I have pumped for a couple hours now while playing Mahjong. I need to get the laundry going again, and then knit a bit. I have auctions closing today, and I will be packing that stuff up as payments come in. I think we will be ok as far as the mortgage. Nonetheless, I am planning to continue to list stuff on ebay and put the proceeds toward the house. I NEVER want to be in this position again. It interferes with my digestion.

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