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Giving it up

The hand-pump that is. Facts to face–
1)DD#5 is now too lazy and spoiled to nurse normally.

2)She must eat and I want her to have the best, and that’s breast.

3)My other children also need a mom.

4)Spending 6plus hours (I think it’s really more like 8, but who’s counting) a day pumping is no longer feasible.

5)You can find anything on eBay.

6)I won a Medela PIS for $63 shipped. I’ll be paying for it as soon as I scrape $5 more paypal together OR Friday which is payday, whichever comes first. (Please God, let it work, and let it be all the reviews say it is: Quiet, Strong and Fast.)

7)Since I now will have all this extra time, can I possibly hope to a)sleep? b)eat? c)potty? d)SHOWER? e)feed, change, cuddle and otherwise care for my own baby? f)cook? g)clean?

8)Doubtful, see #3.

Off to find some soap and water now.

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