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Whoa! Look at That!

So, I was “teaching” DS#2, who is 6, this morning. Just on a lark, I told him to read the story problem in his math book. And. he. did. And then, I handed him a first grade primer, opened to the middle and said “read it”. And. he. did. Folks, my boy reads way better than I have taught him. He is WELL beyond where we are in the phonics book. As in, he read “Three bees buzzed………….” and “Peter said. ‘I see something little’.” I thought we were still on short vowel words. It looks like while I was busy getting settled into life with a new baby, the other kids continued adding to their skills without me. I wonder if DS#3 taught himself physics yet.

BTW, I finished his sweater and hat (DS#3), but you’ll have to wait on a pic while I recharge the batteries.

Now, back to school issues. I don’t push my kids anymore on reading. We just work slow and steady once they express interest. Interest here does not mean looks at books. It means actually saying to me “I want to read”. And that’s when I start school. And it obviously works. I am sitting here amazed at the reading bomb that has exploded in the heads of these boys. I now understand why they are not doing as well in phonics anymore. They are bored senseless now, LOL! Time for me to back up 50 paces and PUNT!

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