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Happy Birthday, DS#1

You are 8 years old today! You get to give up going to bed at quiet time. You get to be a helper instead of a helped.

I am most pleased to report that the milk appears to be back. I had not mentioned it, because I did not want to admit it even to myself, but I had been having a real hard time pumping and keeping up with the baby’s appetite. Yesterday, for the first time in over a week, I felt like I had to pump or burst several times, the milk came readily and I actually pumped more than she ate. Perhaps that means I can accomplish more than just feeding the baby.

Today, I have a couple loads of laundry. I want to work on book organization and ………oh, I guess that’s about it. I may start some planning for school, as I am ready for the Birthday Boy to begin serious work on Year 1 of Ambleside. We’ve been playing at it for a year or so, but it’s time to get serious. Life just gets so complicated at 8. I do need to pack out some books, so I’ll take care of that first.

ETA: dang kitchen counter!

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