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My sock basket

You may remember last week I cast on a bazillion pairs of socks. The point of that was to get everyone’s socks OTN, so everyone got a pair. All my sock needles are now busy. I keep them all in the basket you see on the stash page. I took this picture so you see what that looks like.

That’s 12 socks, ladies and gentlemen. One pair for each kid, one for DH and THREE for me.

I will be returning a few balls to the store, sock yarn and encore. Yes, I know, it’s shocking! But I think I have enough still to keep me busy awhile 😉

I had planned last fall to work quite a bit on sweaters and blankets, etc over the winter. Well, we skipped winter here, going straight from fall to spring. I want to take a few days before it gets too hot, and work on some of these things.

Accordingly, here is today’s POTD (Project of the Day). It’s DS#3’s sweater.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Not. Just so NOT! The colors are wrong for me, and the repeats are way too short for the effect I wanted to create for the sweater. I ripped out what I had done (not much) and re-wound the yarn. It’ll be socks someday. I’m okay with that. Some yarns just knit way different from what you expect when you see it in the ball. I suppose I’ll take some of it back to the store. Maybe. I am trying to be rational about it. Do I really need 4 balls of it for socks? That’s like 10 pairs. Socks for every member of the family. I think I’d get sick of it, LOL. It could be a sweater for DS#1, though. Or……….well, I’ll think about it.

I need to do several little things around the house today. And I really want to get my WIPs to a place I can show you some of them. Probably not today though.

Ranting and Raving

The time change. I wake up early/normal, and I’m already an hour behind. That stinks!

The new Austermann Step sock yarn. It has jojoba and aloe. It’s like buttah, ladies. Run, do not walk, and get yourself some. Ang, this is the yarn you want.

That’s it for now, I gotta get busy.

No Good!

I’m just not any good at tricks. Except when I play them on myself.

Carla, I found my 2. It was in the envelope with the 5. I needed the 5 to bind off my sock, and LO, there it was. So, I have two of them now.

Leisel, I took your advice to heart. See:

Some for me, some for others, some that’s both, and perhaps a wee dress for my new girl-child.

Today, I did cast on the poncho and worked a couple inches, the tiger sweater and worked a couple rows, socks for DD#1, DD#4, DD#5, DS#1, DS#2 and DS#3. Cast on means just that, except DD#5 got 10 rounds. I also finished a sock for myself 😀

I am so Done!

I’m outta here. This is my last post. Read more »

March Yarn Report

# socks for me
# one sock for DD#5

Items finished: 1.5
Balls out: 1
Balls in: 30

Not much here, eh? Told ya I’d slow down, LOL!

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