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So much Knitting!

Yesterday, I managed 30 rounds on the sweater sleeve for DS#3 and 20 rows on the left front of DD#5s sweater. That’s all, no more. I kid you not, it was like I had a buzzer in my behind, and every time I sat down, it said “you forgot to xyz”. So, up I would get.

Truth: If I do not get 15 minutes to call my very own sometime in the next couple of days, I am liable to have a mental breakdown. I may even go shopping. For more yarn, of course, not that I’ll knit it or anything, just pet it. 😛


I am so making this. Probably several times! From stash even!

Some days are like that

Here it is, 11:18, and I just got DD#5 settled for a nap. That’s after pumping for more than an hour. I have put laundry in the dryer, and the diapers in the washer, though I have not turned them on yet (I need to get DS#3 to bring the pull-ups). So the day is half gone, and did you hear school mentioned? I still haven’t even gotten my bed made. Sigh and whine.

Now, I am thinking of knitting. I am wanting to work on stash busting for a couple days, so I will let the socks rest just a bit while I do that. That will give my hands a little break from the small needles as well. Oops, thought process just came to a screeching halt. DD#5 isn’t taking a nap after all.

Guess I’ll put the kids on their independent work, and chalk it up to life with a babe. One who is growing at an incredible rate just now, and sleeping through the night and eating allllllll day long :)

Over the weekend

we got the summer clothes out of storage and passed out. I just have a few more things to pack away, and then I’ll be through with that task for another few months, like til October.

And we watched movies.

On Alexander: I had a hard time following this movie, because of the time shifts. I suppose it was a combination of things. Lack of sleep lately affects my short term memory, so I am not as able to draw connections as I usually am. I confess also that I have forgotten much of what I have read on Alexander, and had read nothing of his mother at all. Combined with a small tv screen which hindered me reading the dates, and the knitting in my hands which also hindered date reading I was left vaguely…unsure at times exactly what was going on.

On Brokeback Mountain: Unsatisfactory movie experience here. I don’t consider this to be the love story it was touted to be. Spoiler here: If it was truly 2 men caught up by surprise, then Jack would not have gone to Mexico. I find on consideration that Ennis was the truer partner, though it was Jack who was portrayed as desperate. The end was touching, and I was appalled at what happened to Jack. On the technical side, I found Heath Ledger to be so mumbly that I had to have the subtitles on to understand him. Do all gay men need to have a fist-fight first?

On One Last Dance: This one gets a thumbs up. I have long been a fan of Patrick Swayze, and dance, so those were a big bonus right there. This one was a real love story, with a happy ending for all. Understandable even at 3AM. Of the three of them, this is the only one I’d care to see again.

Well, time to quit playing Siskel and Eibert here, I suppose. DD#5 thinks she needs my attention.

Tonight I teach class again. I am knitting along, and yes, I’ve finished my homework 😉

Still here!

I’m still here, just been busy.

Yesterday, I decided to have some fun with my girls and we had a tie-dye party. I made my first spiral rainbow, and I am very pleased with it.

This morning, we visited some local goats. I gave my number to the owner. He’ll have kids ready in a couple weeks, and we are leaning toward getting a couple as pets. DD#1 has worked with goats before and really enjoys them. We are also thinking about chickens.

Credit Card Commercial

New shoes for 4 children: $105
Hearing them laugh as they say, “Look how fast I can run!” : Priceless

Too bad I don’t have a MasterCard.

From 52 to 72

I did start those socks as I said I was going to, and got the increases done. I am using 0s, and it took 72 stitches!! They feel so nice and smooth inside! I think I must be getting close to a dozen spi, but don’t have enough done to measure gauge yet.

I also finished a sock for DS#3, so I have 9 of 24 done now.

Flogging Molly: Cool band, nice sound. But it’s a wee bit early. I wonder if Celts even listen to Celtic music before noon.

Speed Knitting

I taught last night, and decided to knit along with the class. I started an afghan sweater on Lion Brand Speed Stix size 3 needles using six strands of Lion Brand Homespun held together fingering weight yarn. I completed it 15 rows in an hour about 2 hours. I am loving it so far. I’ll need to do about 10 rows a day to be ready for the next class.

I talked to Claire today, and am planning to teach the EZ seamless yoke sweater soon. I’ll need to make a demo for that, as the one I made (several years ago) really is in LB Homespun. I may go up to *gasp* DK weight for that one. I am planning a solid body with variegated yoke.

The socks continue to come along. I am going to cast mine on today, using yet another toe-up technique, found here. DD#1 and I will be working this at the same time.

Family news: DD#1 now has a beau and is planning to stay here. It’s the fellow she liked so much last time she was here.

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