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What shall I do today?

Warning: Serious posting here

Tuesday, we received notice on the house. I knew we were behind, of course, but thought I had another 30 days to play catch-up. While I have been the one to handle things like this in the past, I turned it over to DH. I told him that I am already stretched so thin I am having to patch my skin in places. I just can’t handle anything else. Now, I have 2 responses to financial stress and they are cleaning and not cleaning. As in, deep cleaning and purging of excess stuff, or sitting on my duff ignoring everything around me. I mopped the floor last night, so I guess we know which way I’ll be going this time. I usually let the local thrift store benefit from my purges, but perhaps I should try to sell some stuff this time. Gotta love ebay. In the mean time, there’s all this:

I do have some stash I could part with, as well, and I am taking offers on these lots:

Just one skein

Some of these are wound already

3 balls of this

You can check the stash page for details on any of this. I can let some sock yarn go as well, but I don’t have individual pics of that. If you see something you want, let me know. I am hitting “publish” real quick before I chicken out.

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