sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Not. Just so NOT! The colors are wrong for me, and the repeats are way too short for the effect I wanted to create for the sweater. I ripped out what I had done (not much) and re-wound the yarn. It’ll be socks someday. I’m okay with that. Some yarns just knit way different from what you expect when you see it in the ball. I suppose I’ll take some of it back to the store. Maybe. I am trying to be rational about it. Do I really need 4 balls of it for socks? That’s like 10 pairs. Socks for every member of the family. I think I’d get sick of it, LOL. It could be a sweater for DS#1, though. Or……….well, I’ll think about it.

I need to do several little things around the house today. And I really want to get my WIPs to a place I can show you some of them. Probably not today though.

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