sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

No Good!

I’m just not any good at tricks. Except when I play them on myself.

Carla, I found my 2. It was in the envelope with the 5. I needed the 5 to bind off my sock, and LO, there it was. So, I have two of them now.

Leisel, I took your advice to heart. See:

Some for me, some for others, some that’s both, and perhaps a wee dress for my new girl-child.

Today, I did cast on the poncho and worked a couple inches, the tiger sweater and worked a couple rows, socks for DD#1, DD#4, DD#5, DS#1, DS#2 and DS#3. Cast on means just that, except DD#5 got 10 rounds. I also finished a sock for myself 😀

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