sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

My sock basket

You may remember last week I cast on a bazillion pairs of socks. The point of that was to get everyone’s socks OTN, so everyone got a pair. All my sock needles are now busy. I keep them all in the basket you see on the stash page. I took this picture so you see what that looks like.

That’s 12 socks, ladies and gentlemen. One pair for each kid, one for DH and THREE for me.

I will be returning a few balls to the store, sock yarn and encore. Yes, I know, it’s shocking! But I think I have enough still to keep me busy awhile 😉

I had planned last fall to work quite a bit on sweaters and blankets, etc over the winter. Well, we skipped winter here, going straight from fall to spring. I want to take a few days before it gets too hot, and work on some of these things.

Accordingly, here is today’s POTD (Project of the Day). It’s DS#3’s sweater.

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