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make wonderful, beautiful things

Knitting Day!

I woke up at my normal time today. Then I had a breakthrough with the pump, so it took 2 hours to finish with that. Seems the “comfort” whatever its called was impeding the milk flow! It’s the softer silicon piece that you put in the cup part of the pump. Anyway, got a ton of milk, LOL!So, now I am that far behind, and need to get cracking. I’ll deal with my “first things”, and then see where I am.

I’ll be knitting today as much as I can. Susan Bates puts out a package of sock needles. There are 4 or 5 sets in the package, from 000 up to 1 or 2, and they retail for $9.99. I sent DH to ACMoore with 2 50% off coupons, and he’s gonna pick up a couple of packs for DD#1 and I. I figure if we only use them to “park” socks we are currently bored or frustrated with, it’s still a good buy. That also means that I’ll be able to re-cast on the socks I had to rip off the needles because they were the wrong size. Yes, I did that! I started his socks on size 3s in an attack of stupid. I thought they were 2s, but the fabric was awfully loose, so I checked them. Yep, 3s. Since then I have discovered that Inox actually stamps the millimeter size into the metal part of their circular needles. No wearing off as is the case with Addis. My other 2 pair of socks also got ripped off the needles when I needed them to do other socks. Small loss since I had only cast on, and not done any real work on them.

Hmm, can’t really think of anything else to say. Guess I am just that boring! I do feel an itch to cast on a new project that is not socks. I may or may not resist that urge. My opinion based on past behavior–I’ll probably scratch that itch sooner rather than later. But perhaps I will be able to appease the muse by knitting on one of the things I already have going.

Oh yeah. Yesterday worked well, the not getting stressed part. I was much nicer than on Tuesday, and even squeezed in a sorry job of pretending to mop my kitchen floor after the kids were asleep. Everyone noticed it this morning :)

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