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New Auctions

Cruising right along, except for that laundry thing! The books are unpacked, the game cabinet has been unloaded and the new auctions are up for some diapers and homeschooling books.
My auctions

Working Today

We were immensely blessed with an opportunity for DH to work today for a friend. He’ll be paid for it, and combined with what has been raised so far, it will go toward that mortgage. I am thankful that I am beginning to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps it’s not the train after all :)

So, I’ll be working today, too.

Yesterday we did some good cleaning in the living room, consolidating some shelves to open others. When we brought in the clothes, we also brought in the school books for the next year. I will put those on the open shelves for sorting. I may even find some books that I can put on ebay. My game cabinet has also needed sorting for quite some time, but I can’t leave all the stuff out while I do that. I’ll fill the bins the books are in with that stuff, then I can sort through it, and the cabinet will be usable again. I’ll keep the washer and dryer going while I do all this. Of course, all this is dependent on the little tyrant we all know and love as DD#5.

I did finish off a ball in her blanket yesterday, by the way. It’s almost time for the April yarn report, and I will start putting that together tonight. There’s not a lot to report, but I like to have it all together anyway.

Okay, time to get cracking while the baby has a full belly.


So, I mentioned to DH last night that I was frustrated because it seems all I do is pump and feed, and rarely am able to accomplish what I want to get done around the house. And he looked at me, and said, “And how big is that baby” (Over 9 pounds now, ladies and gents), “and how healthy is she?”

Yes, I have been validated. What I do is important. That’s good to know since all I got done yesterday off my list was finishing the back of DD#5’s sweater. That consisted of 15 rows over 66 stitches, and I had to stay up til 2AM to do it.

All that cleaning

did not happen! I hope I get points for good intentions, because all that got accomplished was pumping milk, feeding the baby, washing one load of dipes, visiting Grandmother, knitting 15 rows on the back of DD#5s sweater and making DD#1s long over-due birthday cake.

So far today, I have pumped, started the dryer and fed/am nursing the baby. The good news is that I really can’t get any further behind :) Right? Please tell me I am right!

Ok, so today, I am expecting Lisa for a visit. She said she was bringing yummy real eggs from her real chickens. We’ll have breakfast for dinner again! The eggs are so rich you don’t even need butter on your grits!

I’d like to get some cleaning done, and also finish the back of DD#5s sweater, and work on DD#5s blanket while it is cool enough to do so. Then, in my (wildest) dreams, I am imagining casting on for that shirt I told you about a couple days ago. Wouldn’t it be awesome paired with this shrug? It will also be for DD#5, since that’s the yarn I have now. Besides, she is behind in knitted goodies. The other kids have several years on her, see????

DH went this morning to pay the water bill, since it was payday. That took a big chunk of his check, but it’s the last thing that needed to be handled before we can make serious headway on the mortgage. I tell you, I never thought I would see the day when we paid 100 bucks a month for water. Either I am old, or country-fied, ’cause you know this little town didn’t even have public water when I grew up here. And flushing the toilet was also free. Now, even my Grandmother’s house has public water, and she lives in a town smaller than this, with her nearest neighbor a tenth of a mile away.

Selling, selling, sold!

My funny ebay auctions!

Boyd’s Bears for Sale

I have a ton of these, both resin and plush, most retired, most 3rd edition of higher. Bearstones, Folkstones and Wee Folkstones. If you collect and are in the market, let me know.

Edited to add the list of Resins. I’ll take offers on these as well.

Felicity Angelbliss Wee Folkstone PE/2885 QVC $35
Grandma Faeriehugs Wee Folkstone 1E/6999 $25
Cocoa M. Angelrich and Scoop Wee Folkstone Music Box 1E/1660 $40
Oceania the Ocean Angel Folkstone 20E/367 $15
Luna the Light of the Silvery Moon Folkstone 3e/696 $20
Isabella Follow Your Heart’s Desire Folkstone Jan/8138 $40
Confidentia “No-tell” Faeriewhisper Wee Folkstone 2E/4419 $30
Henry K. Wallstreet Wee Folkstone 1E/2828 $30
Autumn L. Faeriefrost Wee Folkstone 1E/1303 $30
Gabrielle Faeriejabber Wee Folkstone 3E/1175 $30
Rememberance Y. Angelflyte Wee Folkstone 1E/5568 $30
Immaculata T. Faerieburg Wee Folkstone 8E/3912 $20
Flossie Faeriefloss Canadian Wee Folkstone C5569 $30
Esrudious “Cram” Faeriebaum Wee Folkstone 6E/1513 $20
Indulgenia Q. Bluit Wee Folkstone 2E/4504 $30
Caffeinata “Speedy” p. Faeriebean Wee Folkstone 5E/3313 $20
Ann and Abby Angelstitch Wee Folkstone Jan/8539 LE 1999 $35
Mangianata “Nosh” J. Faeriechild Wee Folkstone 5E/9418 $20
Angelina “Smidge” AngelLove Wee Folkstone 6E/1731 $15
Cerebella “Smarty” Faerienoggin Wee Folkstone PE/2306 of 3600 $30
Flossie Faeriefloss Wee Folkstone 1E/5133 $30
“Electra” Angelbyte Wee Folkstone 6E/446 $20
“Kristabell” Faeriefrost Wee Folkstone 1E/3725 $30
Tuxworth J. Angelman Wee Folkstone 1E/2079 $30
Nana Angelbless with Peekins Wee Folkstone 2E/5617 $25
Ms. McFrazzle Daycare Extraordinaire Folkstone 1E/1172 $30
Laverne B. Bowler Folkstone 2E/2450 $20
Ms McFrazzle On the Job Musical Waterglobe Folkstone 1E/1568 $50
Iown Payne Folkstone GCC $25
Bearly Nick and Buddies Folkstone 13E/2714 $20
Constance and Felicity Folkstone 1997 LE 11881 $65
Beatrice the Birthday Angel Folkstone 11e/2175 $20
Liddy Pearl Waterglobe Folkstone PE/679 $70
Lizzie the Shopping Angel Folkstone 23E/2275 $20
Betty Cocker Folkstone 7e/2817 $35
Illumina Angel of Light Folkstone 3E/2115 $30
Auntie CoCoa M. Maximus Folkstone 1E/1930 $30
Luminette The light of the Silvery Moon GM’s Choice Folkstone 2172/20000 $35
Birdie Hole in One Folkstone 1E/79 $30
Execunick the Firdt Global Businessman Folkstone 5e/567 $20
Athena the Wedding Angel Folkstone 23E/2340 $20
Liddy Pearl Folkstone LE 1998 8343/18000 $45
Slicknick the Chimney sweep Folkstone 12E/3384 $20
Too-Loose Folkstone 5E/974 $20
Sparky McPlug Folkstone 11E/2221 $25
Myrtle Believe Folkstone 13E/1517 $20
Astrid Isinglass Folkstone 2475/12000 $40
Krystal Isinglass Folkstone 19E/1869 $20
Niki with Candle Folkstone 15E/2793 $20
NaNick of the North Folkstone 10E/2471 $20
Siegfried and Egon the Sign Folkstone 3E/404 $30
Nicholas with Book of Lists Folkstone 11E/1490 $20
Peacenick Folkstone GCC Exclusive 1E/2148 $35
Francoise and Suzanne Folkstone PE/2344 $30
Salem Folkstone QVC PE 983 $35
Honker T. Flatfoot Folkstone 7E/3901 $20
Ms. Fries Folkstone GCC Early Release PE/3172 $30

Ms. Libearty FOB piece 1998 $40
Union Jack Love Letters 19E/1377 $15
Tessa, Ben and Cissie A sign of the Times 1E/3307 $20
Alexandra and Belle Telephone Tied 2E/2349 $15
Elvira and Chauncey Fizbruin Waterglobe Musical 2E/1507 $35
S.S. Noah The Ark 3E/4183 $40
THB Work is Love Made Visible LE 1998 Jan/3756 $90
Sunny and Sally Berriweather Plant with Hope FOB piece 1999 $35
Elizabeth with Rosencrantz and Guilderstern FOB piece 1998 $40
Grace and Jonathon Born to Shop 28E/3193 $15
Victoria Regina Buzzbruin FOB 1999 $30
Daphne and Eloise 27E/216 $15
Victoria Regina Musiacal Waterglobe 2E/1957 $55
Prissie, Sissie and Missie FOB piece 2000 $40
Gary, Tina, Matt and Bailey LE 1999 March/2003 $70
Member Kit 1999 $60
Member Kit 1996 $60
Sparky and the Box QVC PE/1163 $25
Wilson with Love Sonnets 62E/2757 $30
Nana Bearhugs with Austin and Bailey (no box) QVC PE $25
Mrs. Bruin Afternoon Tea (mug) $5
FOB Plush 1999 Hope, Love, Joy $30
Jacques Grenouille (no box) $10
Jeremy as Noah the Ark Builder 3E/6017 $15
Noah’s Toolbox FOB 1E/1207 $15
Bernice as Mrs. Noah 3E/5905 $15
Louella and Hedda the Secret 25E/1329 $15
Louella and Hedda the Secret Musicbox 4E/645 $50
Noah’s Genius at Work Table FOB 3E/5981 $15
Stretch and Skye Longnecker the Lookouts 3E/6646 $15
Greenville and Neville the Sign TBC93 $20
Bailey the Cheerleader 16E/3481 $11
Velma Q. Berriweather FOB 1997 $50
Berriweather’s Cottage FOB 1998 $35
Elliot the Hero Plaque GCC Eclusive $20
Daphne the Reader Hare 18E/818 $15
Daphne and Eloise Musical 2E/1042 $40
Otis the Fisherman 28E/20 $15
Eddie Proud to be an American 2E/752 $20
Sir Edmund Persistence 28E/518 $15
Bailey The Night Before Christmas Musical 3E/1736 $45
Judge Griz Hissonah Bearstone 10E/1571 $15
Bailey as the Bride Bearstone GCC Edition $15
Clara the Nurse Bearstone 67E/874 $15
Clarence Angel Bear Bearstone 13E/2840 $40
Santa’s Challenge Bearstone 4E/613 $40
The Collector Waterball Bearstone 3E/2378 $50
Caren B. Bearlove Bearstone GCC Exclusive $15
Mrs. Tuttle Stop and Smell the Roses Bearstone 2E/1432 $25
Elgin the Elf Bear Bearstone 21E/3534 $20
Sebastian and Nicholas The Lost Ball Votive Bearstone 6E/2794 $25

What shall I do today?

Warning: Serious posting here

Tuesday, we received notice on the house. I knew we were behind, of course, but thought I had another 30 days to play catch-up. While I have been the one to handle things like this in the past, I turned it over to DH. I told him that I am already stretched so thin I am having to patch my skin in places. I just can’t handle anything else. Now, I have 2 responses to financial stress and they are cleaning and not cleaning. As in, deep cleaning and purging of excess stuff, or sitting on my duff ignoring everything around me. I mopped the floor last night, so I guess we know which way I’ll be going this time. I usually let the local thrift store benefit from my purges, but perhaps I should try to sell some stuff this time. Gotta love ebay. In the mean time, there’s all this:

I do have some stash I could part with, as well, and I am taking offers on these lots:

Just one skein

Some of these are wound already

3 balls of this

You can check the stash page for details on any of this. I can let some sock yarn go as well, but I don’t have individual pics of that. If you see something you want, let me know. I am hitting “publish” real quick before I chicken out.

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