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I just sat down and started a list of what needs to happen around here on a daily basis. And a mental list of what I am not going to do anymore. Wanna guess which list is longer?

Girls laundry-at 10, 12 and 17, they can fend for themselves on this one-I may relent on the 10 year old since she’s too short to reach the bottom of the machine. I was doing my own laundry at 12. I was also able to cook a meal from scratch to feed my dad when Mama worked late, but that’s another gripe for another day.

Folding boy laundry-they just rumple it anyway, so they can fetch it from the basket and put it away

Yep, that takes about 30 minutes a day off my workload, time I can use to…………feed the baby, read a book to someone (maybe even me) or just pick my nose. Nose picking is very therapeutic, you know.

And, yes, I am scheduling in an hour a day to commune with the yarny goodness.

I’ll have to figure out what time I need to get up to make it all happen, which will of course be way before I *want* to get up, but that’s ok. Sometimes a weight off your mind is just as restful as sleep, iykwim.

Baby news: the weight I posted of 6 pounds 4 ounces was incorrect. She was holding a monster poo. She does weigh 6 pounds 2 ounces, though. And today I saw a beautiful thing: She nursed for quite awhile, and then burped. When she burped, milk came from her mouth AND her nose. ROFL!! It was awesome! If you’ve never had a baby with poor latch, you may think I am crazy. I probably am, but that’s another issue.

One more thing while I am here with milk on the brain: I was looking at the avent stuff on Amazon and read a review someone had written. It was basically this: “You don’t need all this stuff. You have breasts, and they don’t need to be sterilized.”

Dear honey, I am so glad you have no feeding issues with your children. I, however, have had 4 in a row with growth problems. I have a more than abundant supply, with 52 ounces banked into the freezer in the last 7 days. What I also have, or rather my babes have, is a milk delivery issue. If you’ve never watched your born-healthy babies wither away to skin and bones because they could not get the milk out that soaked your clothes, your bed, and anything else you touched, count yourself blessed. But do get off your self-righteous pedestal. Sometimes, the world is NOT perfect.

Assorted Notes

DD#1, thank you for allowing me to load the dishwasher for you last night while you sat at the computer. And for allowing me to unload/reload and run it today while you laid your butt in the bed, even though you know you are on kitchen detail. See also my comment to your brothers.

DD#3, thank you for volunteering to fix lunch today while I pumped milk and fed the baby, but only if I let you cook exactly the meal you chose, which happened to be something I am planning for an evening meal.

DD#2, thanks for watching the movie and not picking up the baby even though she was crying while I tried to do ……whatever I was trying to do, I forget, but I think it was pumping.

(end sarcasm)

Dear boys, thank you for not complaining when it was well past lunch time, and I said we’d have crackers and cheese sticks. I appreciate that you did not complain, though frankly, you got screwed.

DD#4 thank you for going to sleep when I picked you up and put you in your bed in desperation at quiet time today, even though I am not supposed to lift you at all.

DD#5, thanks for growing at such a phenomenal rate, even though it means I can think of little else except milk.

Now, if it’s okay with you all, I think I’ll take a shower, probably cold, since the dishwasher and washing machine are both running. Perhaps I’ll be a little less hacked if I am clean.

February Yarn Report

# hat for set
# mittens for set
# scarfed BSJ for set
# 2 midwife hats
# 4 squares for opus blanket
# dress for DD#4
# baby blanket
# socks for me
# more socks for me
# hat for dd#5

Items finished: 14
Balls out: 22
Balls in: 21

Hmmph, guess I was busy with other things 😛 I obviously fell off the “two out, one in” bandwagon as well. We can blame hormones for the sudden influx of new sock yarn, and DD#5 for the new girly layette yarn, ok? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. At least until I knock off another 22 balls of yarn!

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