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Dear Lord

Please get me through this day with no-one 1)starving 2)having airway obstruction 3)sitting in their own poop for more than 5 minutes. And please, NO VOMIT. Amen.

This is the face of angio edema, for those who wanna look:

The picture makes her look MUCH better than she does in real life.

Oh, What A Night!

Late September, back in ’63…………….no wait, sorry. But yes, I really do think like that. My children will tell you, much to their chagrin, that I have a song for every occasion. Here’s the deal.

DD#5 is doing well, but has a wee stuffy nose. She was quite fussy last night, and gorged herself on 20 ounces of milk total in a 24 hour span. Today, she has slept like a log, including through her feedings. But she still has managed to polish off the bottles, LOL!

Abby broke out in hives with angio edema last night, which necessitated a run to the ER. She’ll be going to the doctor Friday of this week and I am hoping they will test her to find the culprit. For her first attack of hives to be accompanied by the angio edema is pretty frightening. DD#3 will also be going since she’s had a hack for-what-seems-like-forever, and has recently been complaining of itching with alarming frequency.

The other children are taking turns being either 1) sick or 2) well enough to make the sick nutso.

Me? I have bronchitis.

Life is just a constant adventure these days.

Knitting Content: Finished the front, got the shoulders seamed and picked up the first sleeve on DS#3’s sweater.

High School?

Arty Kid

Whether you were a drama freak or an emo poet, you definitely were expressive and unique.

You’re probably a little less weird these days – but even more talented!

Who Were You In High School?


The fever came back last night! Blech!!

I got my room about half done, and want to finish it today.

Got the dipes all stripped, and DD#4’s hiney is looking better. Yes, the agitator is messed up, so dh is going to try to get the part for it today. Otherwise, we’ll have a repairman out.

I’m on the second front of DS#3’s sweater.

I have a list of needful stuff to do that is 8 miles long, and I feel like poo. Sigh. Groan. Gnash teeth.

Fever gone!

I feel much better today. I gave in and took some acetaminophen at 103.3. I think it was higher than that, but the digital thermometer only goes so high.

DD#4 has contact dermatitis all over her poor tush, so I am stripping dipes AGAIN. And I’ll have dh check the agitator on the washer, too. She’s in plastic again until I can get some soap-free cloth ready.

And I want to clean my room today, too. It’s looking a little cluttered.

I have one front done on DS#3’s sweater, and most of the back. I’ll work on it today, too.

DD#5 weighs 6 pounds and 5 ounces today. She’s been ravenous for about 16 hours now :) She’s hitting that 3-week growth spurt right on time. She has 2 (count ’em, 2) neck rolls, a round face like a ball, and rolls where the wrinkles used to be on her thighs. Grow, baby, grow!

Past Yer Eyes!

Today’s milk is pasteurized. I have a fever of 101.6.

Birth Story, Part II

Or How Jaundice Sucks and We Ended Up in the Hospital

So, 5 pounds and 6 ounces of baby popped out at 3:06. At 3:16, out comes a hu-honking-mongous placenta. So, the midwife and I are looking at the baby, and then at the placenta, then back to the baby, wondering where the heck the rest of her is. When she weighed the placenta it was 26 ounces. Now I learned in my midwifery training that a placenta typically weighs one-fifth of what the baby weighs. Do the math–there should have been 8 pounds and 2 ounces worth of child.

Anyway, the midwife got us out of the freezing cold bedroom and into the warmer living room, and we snugged down for a couple hours. I listened to the baby sing, and dozed, and woke up to see the sunrise.

The midwife called and asked how I felt about supplementing an ounce of formula after each feed, (and we were feeding every 2 hours) and I readily agreed given her weight and our prior history(ies). She was fine Monday, but did not take all the supplements. Tuesday she did better with the bottles, and was a bit jaundiced but started to get a little sluggish and harder to wake, and her weight was 5′ 4″. Wednesday, the midwife was out of town. Thursday morning, the babe was very sluggish, and hardly eating at all, barely rousable. We worked with her all day, trying to get something into her. Thursday evening, I promised the midwife I would stay up with her all night, or until I got 5 ounces of something into her. At this point, she was not even sucking, and we were letting the bottle drip into her wee mouth. And in the night, she began to spit up. So, up I sat, until sunrise, willing her to keep body and soul together. At 5am, she opened her eyes, and she was “there”. I talked to the midwife again, and went to bed for a couple hours.

Now it’s Friday morning. Midwife says, “I thing baby needs to go to the doctor. Can you take her to the pediatrician today?” And in my sleep-deprived self, I just said “No. Dh has left for work, and my mom may not be coming today.” And she actually, Praise God, continued to talk to me. We went through a mini-exam on the baby. No sucking response, no gripping of finger run up her palm, and no startle reflex at all. I came to my senses and said, “yeah, let me make a couple of calls”. Got dh turned around and headed back home, and my mom arrived. I called the doctor, and let them know what was going on, and they said come on in, so we scrambled a diaper bag together, I got dressed and we left.

She weighed 5 pounds, and was reptile yellow. She roused to the strange voices and hands on her, and even her eyes were yellow. I had already made up my mind that she was going into the hospital, and that is what happened. I had wanted them to feed her, but instead they put her on IV fluids, diagnosed jaundice and put her under lights. Her bilirubin was 13.6, which is not usually so serious, but combined with the low birth weight, lack of effective nursing technique, and the huge bruise on her head was more than she could handle. We stayed until Sunday night. She was feeding well, and much more responsive, with a bili of 8.8.

BTW, here’s a mini-rant on the doctor. I asked her whether to go to the ER or the office. She said the office. Then while we were there she says “Maybe if you were so concerned you should have gone to the ER.” I reminded her that I had asked specifically where to go. And she said’ Well, you sounded so calm on the phone, I didn’t realize it was so serious.” So, I looked right at her, and I said “Would screaming at you over the phone have helped you or the baby at all?” And she wisely answered “no”. Sigh.

Next installment: Overcoming Cephalo-Mammary Disproportion

I’m Wearing Clothes!

Real ones, not pajamas! And I don’t even plan to go anywhere. I’m just practicing for tomorrow, when I have a lunch date with my friend Stephanie.

Today I want to tweak yesterday’s list, clean my desk and work on DS#3’s sweater. Also the stash page is bugging me, because it’s not organized on the page the same way it is in my head. But I doubt I get to that today.

I did get the second ball in the baby’s blanket last night :)

OH!! Knitting Vintage Socks arrived. Yes, I will be working my way through it. I do have a question for you sock knitters, though. If I know a sock worked on size 2 dpns over 50 stitches in plain stockinette gives me the fit I want, what do I do when the pattern says “cast on 76″ or some other number?

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