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3 for 3

So, 3 kids have been to the doc, and 3 are now on allergy meds. That’s DD#3, DS#3, and DD#4. Should I be surprised by this???

I did get that shelf cleared yesterday, but not much knitting happened.

I have corned beef simmering, to which we’ll add carrots and potatoes. Lacking cabbage, I’ll get DH to pick up some coleslaw on the way home. What’s for dinner at your house?

Taking a Breath

DD#5 is fed and sleeping.

DD#4 has made it from the bed to the couch (she stayed in bed all day yesterday).

The diapers are in the washer.

I am going to clean off the shelves next to the freezer (yeah, I finally got the freezer cleared). I imagine someone will need me before that’s finished, but if not, then I’ll work a bit on the sweater for DS#3.

Oops, I should probably eat first. There go all those cool plans 😛

He he he!

Finally finished something this month. A sock. Just one. But it’s done.

Quick Wave

I’ve been busy today, not that you can tell it, LOL! DD#4 is unhappy. She woke up from her nap very grumpy, and I have no idea what’s wrong. Meds? Bad Attitude? Headache? Milk withdrawal?

You know what though? Here’s a secret. It took me a long time to learn this: Sometimes, holding your child is more important than anything else on your to-do list.

Update on my Whine

No, I didn’t get to sleep for 24 hours straight, and I am still drinking too much coffee but:


Sock-decreasing the gussett

Laundry-still in progress

Baths I mentioned-taken

Freezer-mostly done

Dh-full load today


Now, back to my sock. I can get a couple more rounds done before the dryer stops.


I crave sleep. Really, I do. Failing that, I guess I’ll just drink more coffee.


I used to be fairly organized. I need to get that way again. It’s going to take a tight schedule to get everything done. I know I said that a couple days ago, but now I really mean it. In addition to the feeding and pumping and schooling, we have 3 dates with the nebulizer each day, plus morning and evening meds.


My house is a wreck. No, I mean really. Like, there is a cobweb behind my bathroom door that has been there for at least 2 weeks. I see it everytime I leave the bathroom. But since I am always flying out of there to go do “the next thing”, it’s still there. And then there is the laundry. And the meals. And the people. They need cleaning too, you know.

Mental weight

Did I mention that Grandmother suddenly can’t walk? And that I was supposed to get over there and see her yesterday, but never found time to get there?

That dh still doesn’t have a full call load? That’s been great this week that I have spent in the ER or at the doc’s office, but I worry about finances a couple of weeks from now.

That I need to work with DD#5 to get her on the breast again, but can’t seem to find time to do it? We’re only nursing at night now.


I’ve been trying to make a pair socks since the baby came. She’ll be 4 weeks Monday, and I am on the heel flap if the first sock. Yeah, sounds trivial, but it’s important to me. It’s my one outlet.

What I need

  • more time or
  • more hands or
  • a mother’s helper or
  • a vacation

I guess I am just overwhelmed. My mind is rebelling against all there is to do, but I know there is a way to get it done. I hold to the promise of the Savior. He said that there would not be more put on us than we could bear.

So now, on to the next thing. That’s a bath for me and the baby, clearing off the freezer that’s been a catch-all for 4 weeks now, and more laundry.

6 pounds 8 ounces


Doctor Visits

DD#5 still has a stuffy nose, but is gaining weight, so we’ll live with it.

DD#4 finally had blood drawn today to try to find out what’s going on with her. The allergist we went to yesterday was a waste of time and gas. He said “looks like she’s getting better, no need to do anything.” She did look good in his office, this is true, but she flared again yesterday afternoon. Anyway, she’s now on 1)an antibiotic in case it’s an infection 2)nebulizer treatments because she’s started wheezing 3)clarinex for after the benedryl is gone and 4)something else for either allergies or asthma, I forget and the scrips are at the pharmacy and 5)something else, which I also forget, likewise at the pharmacy. Sigh.

The big shock was the 10yo, who I took along for a check-up and perpetual cough. She’s now on advair and clarinex. And something else, likewise at the pharmacy.

I seem to have landed both feet square in to the land of medical madness, which is quite a switch for non-medical-establishment me. But, you know, when our kids need help, we help them. Period.

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