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Two, that’s right, count ’em TWO socks!

Opal Brasil 5001 on size 2 dpns

Just a Rambling Nothing

Yesterday, I got the school 3×5 cards made and filed. I got the sock foot finished. I pumped 26 ounces of milk (just had to say that, LOL), and had a real nice visit with a friend from church. She’s a homeschooler as well, so we talked about school.


    cards for the morning and evening routine
    make shopping lists
    pack up dipes that make me cray-see (just pronounce that phonetically, folks)
    cards for the “kid jobs” -that’s stuff I need to do with/for the children
    sock toe
    picture of TWO socks, on my feet 😛
    keep up the laundry
    clear desk and area–DD#1 will help with this
    balance checkbook
    look over DD#3s lesson plans

I must apologize to anyone who tried to visit Fried Green Tomatoes from this blog. It used to be a funny/witty/amusing blog written by a southern woman named Idgie. I discovered last night, as I visited all my links that it’s NOT THAT ANYMORE. Gentle Readers, I’ve removed the link, and I advise you not to go there.

Whirlwind Tour

Sock: on round 45 of 58, then the toe

Laundry: in Progress

School: about to start

Party: Successful, with 5 guests, a couple of whom were not here very long.

Grandmother: now in the nursing home, apparently smoothly transitioning. She did ask Mama “only 20 days?” to which the reply was “If you do well, only 20 days.” The doc says it’s up to her, meaning if she wants to get better she will, and if she doesn’t, then none of us can make her do so. She did say no when Mama told her she was leaving last night. Mama left anyway, after explaining that she had to go. See, when Grandmother is in the hospital, she is never left for longer than it takes someone to go get take-out food. This is because she cannot hear, and will agree to anything. It’s just her nature to be agreeable, and if she does not understand what you are saying, she just smiles and nods her head. This can be……..dangerous in the hospital. I am sure you have read/heard the horror stories. Funny story–Grandmother looked at Mama a couple days ago and asked her “Do you miss being with (my dh)?” And Mama says “NO, I do NOT.” At which time Grandmother realized who she was talking to. That one was much funnier than her asking the doc when she was going to see her husband again. One has been dead since she was a young woman, and the other died 18 years ago, about 3 weeks after DD#1 was born.

Diapers: I have decided that I am so totally sick of diapers with pieces. It takes too much time and mental energy to match them all up. So, any new dipes that come into this house will be prefolds or kissaluvs. And the ones that have pieces will be used without the pieces. We can add a doubler for night-time alot easier than I can stand there and put dipes together. I do love my Fluffymail dipes, but they can be used without the snap-in doublers as they are plenty absorbent without them. Those of you who don’t use cloth dipes, I apologize for this jibberish side-note. Those of you who do, well, you know *exactly* what I mean, LOL!

Yesterday, I dug out my old 3×5 card system, so I’ll be putting that back together over the next few days. I have LOTS more to do now that I did then, LOL!

Ok, time to get cracking on the school work. Ya’ll have a good day now, ya hear? :)

Oh, well, Mama just called and she is taking my sons with her to see Grandmother. It’ll be a light day around here, and give me time to pull my read-aloud stuff together. How awesome is that?

Party here tonight!

I am expecting “some” teens this afternoon and evening, to celebrate DD#1’s 18th birthday, which was Monday. “Some” being translated as a random number between 2 and 20. We’re in the throes of school now, with morning chores completed and laundry started. We’ll do the floors after lunch, and we’ll be ready. I imagine they will start showing up around 3, after the local high school lets out.

I got to knit a bit on my sock last night, and am about 1/3 down the foot. I hope to have a pair by the week-end, but you all know that depends on DD#5.


The children did all their individual work yesterday, including that for which they need my help. Ditto today. What did not happen is my read-aloud stuff that I do with all of them. I need to pull it together, which I plan to do this week-end. I have forgotten how I had that all organized, LOL. I’ll either figure it out, or spend a bit of time this week-end getting it back together.

Knitting yesterday: not a stitch. DD#5 was a ravenous oinker, so did not get put down much. I suppose she’s in another growth spurt. It seems that one day she eats, and the next day she sleeps. If she sleeps today, I’ll knit. I did try DS#3’s sweater on him, and the neck is too tight. I’ll have to take that bind-off and part of the shoulder seams out, and loosen it.

DD#3 has built a huge “fort” in the living room, using every spare sheet and blanket from the kid’s rooms. Looks like fun!

I think I am going to go back to a 3×5 card system for my choring. That worked for me for a long time, and so we’ll try it again. Maybe. I just find that I can no longer keep in my head all that needs doing, and having a choring schedule helps me spread the work out a bit better, as well as making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Like, umm, school paperwork (oops!).

I’ve sent the boys to clean their room. I can tell by the sounds that they are working in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation–NOT!

Ok, time to get up from here and do some things :)

OH! Almost forgot. My mom called this morning, and the doc is sending Grandmother to a nursing home for re-hab. Twenty days to start. It’s not the one here in our small town, but rather about 30 minutes away. He’ll still be her doctor that way, which is good, but…….I doubt I can get out there very often. I also doubt that she will ever leave that place. My mom seemed relieved. She can’t lift Grandmother when she falls, which is becoming more and more frequent. She can’t lift her into the wheelchair on days Grandmother can’t walk. But could also not resign herself to put Grandmother in a home. The doctor ordering it makes that easier for her. In my mind, the effect is the same, and I am very disappointed it has come to this. But I am not the one trying to care for someone who is so……..the way Grandmother is.

Well, that’s not true. I do care for people like her. But they don’t weigh 128 pounds, and they are getting “better”.

Back to School

At least that’s the plan. We’ll see how many natural disasters I encounter through the day. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Knitting, Hospitals, Church

Yesterday, I went to see Grandmother in the hospital. My mom drove, and between the riding and the visiting, I got my second sock to the end of the heel flap. So, today, I want to:

  • work with DD#5 on nursing (did some)
  • turn sock heel
  • finish ball of yarn/sleeve on DS#3 sweater (whichever comes first)(did some)
  • fold laundry
  • wash yet more laundry
  • hang out with the fam
  • pack up the nebulizer 😛

Since the baby has hit 7 pounds, I expect that next Sunday we’ll be off to church. Of course, since I only have room for 6 children in the van, 2 will stay home with DH. That’s ok, we’ll just take turns until God provides a bigger vehicle.


For those of you keeping track, she weighed 6 pounds on Feb 27. I so win the Boob Olympics. Mwuhahahahahahaha!

On a less pleasing note, Grandmother is in the hospital. She’s just not doing well at all. Mama brought her by to see me on the way to the doctor’s office Thursday, and I talked to her for a bit. She could only get out half a sentence before she had to stop to rest, and that barely audible. She’s eating only one meal a day, barely drinking anything, sleeping over 18 hours a day. I believe she’s ready to check out. I think on her life sometimes, wondering what holds her here. She has buried 2 husbands, and 3 of her 5 children, and her 5 brothers and sisters. You can count her friends that remain on this side of eternity on less than the fingers of one hand. The ties here are so tenuous, those on the other side so strong.

I have been so incredibly blessed in my life by this woman. She has been such a Godly example to me. She taught me how to cook, and sew. It was watching her and Grand-dad that taught me what marriage should be about. Oh, she embarrassed the dickens out of me a time or two as well, but I never had a doubt that she loved me. I am out of words, but not thoughts and feelings.

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