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Road Trip!

Ok, just a short one. I’m going with my mom to see Grandmother this afternoon.

I got everything on my list done yesterday, except making the 3×5 cards and balancing the checkbook, so I’ll be working on that this weekend.

We’ll also be pulling out more clothes for DD#5. Oh, yes, she is outgrowing her preemie things that fast, LOL! It’s the length. I know she was not a preemie, but I have found that the preemie things fit best at first for my babies. A tiny little baby in normal 0-3 month clothes just looks so pitiful. DD#4 was 3 months before she hit 7 pounds, and those preemie clothes got lots of use. Ditto DS#3. I guess the average newborn weight has skyrocketed over the last decade or so, but I am still less than 5 feet tall, and my DH just a shade under 5′ 8″. Our babies still come out smaller than average. The biggest one was only 7′ 12″, that was DD#3, who is now rail thin. DD#5 was the smallest, and now she has chipmunk cheeks and 3 chins. Go figure :)

I started a pair of kid socks from my left over Brasil. I don’t know who they are for yet. I’ll make them, and then see who they fit. I can do that with 8 kiddos 😛 Then I will know what size “somekid” wears. It’s a simple sock, cast on 32, K2P2 until nearly out of yarn, round toe. Cute as the dickens already, of course. Tiny things always are, and these look tiny, but have great stretch.

OK, time to get up and do something useful.

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