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Oh, What A Night!

Late September, back in ’63…………….no wait, sorry. But yes, I really do think like that. My children will tell you, much to their chagrin, that I have a song for every occasion. Here’s the deal.

DD#5 is doing well, but has a wee stuffy nose. She was quite fussy last night, and gorged herself on 20 ounces of milk total in a 24 hour span. Today, she has slept like a log, including through her feedings. But she still has managed to polish off the bottles, LOL!

Abby broke out in hives with angio edema last night, which necessitated a run to the ER. She’ll be going to the doctor Friday of this week and I am hoping they will test her to find the culprit. For her first attack of hives to be accompanied by the angio edema is pretty frightening. DD#3 will also be going since she’s had a hack for-what-seems-like-forever, and has recently been complaining of itching with alarming frequency.

The other children are taking turns being either 1) sick or 2) well enough to make the sick nutso.

Me? I have bronchitis.

Life is just a constant adventure these days.

Knitting Content: Finished the front, got the shoulders seamed and picked up the first sleeve on DS#3’s sweater.

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