sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

I’m Wearing Clothes!

Real ones, not pajamas! And I don’t even plan to go anywhere. I’m just practicing for tomorrow, when I have a lunch date with my friend Stephanie.

Today I want to tweak yesterday’s list, clean my desk and work on DS#3’s sweater. Also the stash page is bugging me, because it’s not organized on the page the same way it is in my head. But I doubt I get to that today.

I did get the second ball in the baby’s blanket last night :)

OH!! Knitting Vintage Socks arrived. Yes, I will be working my way through it. I do have a question for you sock knitters, though. If I know a sock worked on size 2 dpns over 50 stitches in plain stockinette gives me the fit I want, what do I do when the pattern says “cast on 76″ or some other number?

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