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Doctor Visits

DD#5 still has a stuffy nose, but is gaining weight, so we’ll live with it.

DD#4 finally had blood drawn today to try to find out what’s going on with her. The allergist we went to yesterday was a waste of time and gas. He said “looks like she’s getting better, no need to do anything.” She did look good in his office, this is true, but she flared again yesterday afternoon. Anyway, she’s now on 1)an antibiotic in case it’s an infection 2)nebulizer treatments because she’s started wheezing 3)clarinex for after the benedryl is gone and 4)something else for either allergies or asthma, I forget and the scrips are at the pharmacy and 5)something else, which I also forget, likewise at the pharmacy. Sigh.

The big shock was the 10yo, who I took along for a check-up and perpetual cough. She’s now on advair and clarinex. And something else, likewise at the pharmacy.

I seem to have landed both feet square in to the land of medical madness, which is quite a switch for non-medical-establishment me. But, you know, when our kids need help, we help them. Period.

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